Shoes Buyer's Guide 2006

Still wondering what piece of new golf equipment you must have to play your best in ?06? Look no further than the bottom of your feet.

Bite Golf BiosportBite Golf Biosport
Promoting good health is a hallmark of Bite Shoes, and the Biosport definitely lives up to that mantra. The Biosport features a wide toe box, Forefoot grooves for flex support while walking, a Trufit fiberglass arch shank for torsional control, heel support contours for lateral stability, and a unique Shockgrid cushion system for added comfort while walking and making swings. The most notable feature of the Biosport is the ability golfers have in using orthotics. By simply removing the insole, golfers can insert their own custom orthotics for a truly custom fit. Also, don’t miss the line of Bite Golf’s unique golf sandals, which have become a warm-weather favorite for feet.

Nike Shox GolfNike Golf Shox Golf
If there ever was a golf shoe that most resembled a running shoe, the Nike Shox is it. It features Nike’s popular Shox heel treatment, which provides shock-like cushioning and response that until now was reserved primarily for high-impact sports such as running and basketball. The shoe also sports Nike Golf’s trademark T@C (Traction at Contact) spike design, replete with six removable Q-LOK Scorpion Stinger spikes and three spikes that are built into the sole. A lightweight mesh upper is both cool and breathable, making the Nike Shox Golf a solid warm-weather option. In addition to the Shox, Nike’s SP and SP Sport series are viable options for a classic look.


Tech Talk
Form And Function
By Karen Pitts
Vice President of Global Marketing

Karen PittsThe catchphrase in footwear right now is “fusion”: building comfortable shoes with the added bonus of fashion. In golf, we see that idea evolving even further by incorporating the best performance attributes found in different segments of the market—waterproofing, comfort, traction and stability technologies, along with fresh new styling. It’s similar to how hybrid clubs have re-energized the wood category.

Several brands are offering shoes with non-cleated soles. They’re not like the models you may recall from a decade ago that slipped all over. These have protruding nubs of various sizes, shapes and patterns that grip the ground easily and provide excellent comfort.
—Scott Kramer


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