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READY TO GO BIG? Hey, we understand your need to crush drives, drill your fairway woods and even muscle your iron shots, but don’t forget that even in long-drive competitions, the ball still needs to find the grid to rack up a good score. As im-portant as it is to hit longer shots, if they aren’t straight, that just means your shots will fly farther into the trees, lakes and, well, hopefully not into anybody’s backyard.

Let’s take a look at some products de-signed specifically to not only help you nuke it, but hopefully lend a hand at helping you hit the ball straighter and with more consistency.


The all-black V5 LX is obviously built for sheer distance. But it’s a very forgiving driver, as well. The crown is made up of variable thicknesses for support where it’s needed, as well as having two weight ports for that customized look, feel and performance.

Adams has made a big impact this year with professional long-drive competitions, and the trend continues into 2011. The new Speedline 9064LS is aerodynamically shaped to help cut through the air for a faster swing speed, and the big face means big-time forgiveness. adamsgolf.com

Made with TM’s SuperFast Tech, a Dual Crown and more, the Burner is overflowing with distance-driven technology to help every type of player hit longer drives. The shaping also helps make it easy to align for straighter drives, as well. taylormadegolf.com
New drivers are up in 2011, but don’t rule out what’s currently available. The 909D3 is incredibly long, not to mention versatile and forgiving. The forward CG helps prevent the ball from ballooning, resulting in a lower, more penetrating ballflight. titleist.com
The latest from PING is pure power. The K15 driver has the shape and geometry for bigger drives, but also straighter ones using the company’s Straight Flight Technology weighting that encourages a more square clubface at impact. It also has a huge, deep clubface. pingolf.com
Another power player on the long-drive circuit, Cobra’s S2 is engineered with Adjustable Flight Technology to fine-tune whatever ballflight you’re after. Furthermore, the 9-Point face is ex-tremely forgiving, meaning you’ll hit it long and far. cobragolf.com

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