No Train, No Gain

If you think you?re too good for training aids, think again

no train, no gainThe Golf Mat
If you hit balls at driving ranges with standard AstroTurf mats, you’re aware of how unforgiving they can be on your swing and on your body. Enter The Golf Mat, which positions itself as a more user-friendly alternative to rock-hard mats commonly found at ranges. Using a polymer filament that lies below fairway-length turf, The Golf Mat limits the amount of stress placed on golfers while making it easier to retain a standard swing. Plus, it’s very durable. According to its makers, The Golf Mat can withstand more than 200,000 swings! $199

no train, no gainThe Putting Arc
Even though some putting experts say a “straight back and through” stroke is ideal, they don’t literally mean that. That is, we putt at an angle and not directly above the ball, meaning no matter how hard we try, the putter always will be moving on a slight inside-to-inside arc. Hence, The Putting Arc is designed to help ingrain that natural arcing stroke and correct any lopsided takeaways or followthroughs. The MSIII model is shown here, but there are others available, depending on your style and portability preferences. The training aid comes with a how-to CD.

no train, no gainPower Sleeve
It’s not unusual to see golfers warm up by swinging two clubs at the same time, but according to the folks who make the Power Sleeve, that’s not the best way to get loose. The weighted sleeve attaches to your clubshaft, so you can swing with your normal grip, stretch your muscles and hit balls at the same time! Plus, it’s portable and light enough to carry in your bag, but heavy enough to properly stretch your golf muscles whether on the course, range or at home.

no train, no gainPower Swing Fan
Even though it looks more like a kite than a golf club, the Power Swing Fan is an excellent way to train your golf muscles. Using four blades, it keeps your swing in constant resistance and builds the faster you swing. With only 20 to 25 practice swings per day, you can tack on more distance and better control every shot in your bag. The Power Swing Fan can be used for both right- and left-handed golfers.

no train, no gainPerfect Connextion
Whether it’s chipping, putting or adding distance, all successful golfers know they have to use their core muscles to make solid contact. That’s just what the Perfect Connextion helps you do. The 3-in-1 training aid fits between your arms and helps form the so-called “Power Triangle” between the arms and shoulders. The adjustable device can be used to hit balls and make practice swings.



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