Grips Buyer's Guide 2007

Despite all the technology in the clubhead and shaft, it's the grip that's really come a long way.

Sharpro PTO

Sharpro PTO The new PTO (Pro Tour Only) is a texture-heavy, technologically rich grip from Sharpro. The upper-corded region is firm for support, and the lower region is designed more for comfort and control. Across both ends of the grip are a series of perforations, including a rugged channel designed to wick away water and debris. The design makes the PTO a high-performance model that offers a secure grip in all weather conditions. Three colors denote sizes: pink for ladies, red for standard and blue for midsize.
What We Like: The deep channel wards away water, and the lower region is comfy.
Material: Dual-density rubber
Design: Upper-cord
Size: Standard, Midsize, Women’s
Weight: N/A
Winn DSi

Winn DSi That’s “Durasoft Integration” for those of you wondering just what DSi stands for. The second of Winn’s new offerings for ’07 is an ultra-soft velvet grip with a high slip resistance. It’s perfect for humid or rainy days and those palm sweating drives you’ll be faced with during the heat of a friendly match.
What We Like: Its soft feel makes it easier to hold the club (and keep our hands blister free), and its design shows us exactly where to place our hands. Winn is a company that always pushes the envelope of technology, design and performance. For that, we are grateful.
Material: Proprietary synthetic
Design: Advanced Vertical Seam
Size: Ladies, Standard,
Midsize and Oversize
Weight: 40g-57g
Winn G8 Rave

Winn G8 Rave Grip designs have come a long way since players took a long thin ream of leather and wrapped it around a shaft. Leading the charge is Winn, the Huntington Beach-based company founded by Dr. Ben Huang, a former aerospace engineering professor. Over the years, they’ve made great strides in the technological design of something frequently overlooked. New for 2007 are three products, including the G8 Rave, a techno upgrade to Winn’s popular G8 line. 
What We Like: The hip and colorful marble design, of course. Plus, the G8 Rave is tackier (but not tacky) and more durable than ever.
Material: Proprietary synthetic
Design: Advanced Vertical Seam
Size: Ladies, Standard and Midsize
Weight: 40g-52g
Winn V17-AVS Arrow

Winn V17-AVS Arrow Winn’s proprietary, high-performance grip material, V17, is said to provide a firm feel and slip-resistant performance for the life of the grip. The V17 material is combined with the company’s Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS) construction to form the velvet-style Arrow grip. The AVS construction creates but one vertical seam up the back of the grip. This design offers golfers who don’t like the feel of a wrap a solid option in the Winn family of grips. New velvet-like arrow perfs complete this high-tech package. Wrap-style Arrow is also available. Choose between Regular Firm and Extra Firm models.
What We Like: Innovation!
Material: V17 polymer
Design: Velvet
Size: Standard
Weight: 50g-52g
Winn Xi7

Winn Xi7 After years of R&D and some experienced insight from Winn advisors John Daly, Butch Harmon and Natalie Gulbis, Winn has introduced a grip designed specifically for higher swing speeds. The Xi7 features a highly textured, firm feel with optimum torque resistance. Like all of Winn’s new offerings, their AI (Advanced Integration) Technology positions Winn compounds in crucial grip zones.
What We Like: Not everyone swings fast, but for those who do, there’s a grip made just for them. It’s good to know Winn is developing grips with the most demanding and accomplished players in mind.
Material: Proprietary synthetic
Design: Scottish Dry Series,
X-Cross Series
Size: Standard, Midsize and Oversize
Weight: 50g-57g


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