Grips Buyer's Guide 2007

Despite all the technology in the clubhead and shaft, it's the grip that's really come a long way.

Iomic X-Grip

Iomic X-Grip Innovative colors aside, these grips are actually infused with negative ions to help golfers not only better grip the club, but also relax and concentrate. The unique proprietary material is designed for supreme durability and crack resistance, especially when playing in mixed weather (wet/dry) conditions. These grips are already a sensation in Japan, so it’s just a matter of time until the U.S. market heeds notice. Sure, they’re a far cry from all-leather, wrap-style grips, but they’re right in step with golf’s modern focus.
What We Like: With or without a negative charge, the brilliant styles and great feel of the Iomic grips are unlike any other model we’ve tested.
Material: Proprietary synthetic
Design: Velvet
Size: Standard, Putter
Weight: N/A
Karakal X-tack II

Karakal X-tack II The X-tack line from Karakal is designed for all-weather comfort and support by using Karakal’s proprietary X Factor process, which is made to preserve the grips’ tackiness and comfort in all weather conditions. The X-tack II features a perforated top section (for a firmer top-hand grip) and a smooth velvet pattern bottom section for increased feel and feedback on short-range shots. With each Karakal grip, it’s safe to say vibration is a thing of the past, as each grip absorbs unwanted vibration with ease. For players who struggle with any type of arthritic condition or joint pain, a grip with this type of performance benefit is highly recommended, particularly if you tend you play in hot, humid or otherwise wet conditions.
What We Like: Drawing inspiration from tennis rackets, these grips are a fun alternative to cushioned wrap grips. Also, it’s nice to have a solid alternative to other, more well-known brands. This design is pretty unique and has an eye-catching look that’s sure to get the attention of your playing partners.
Material: Synthetic
Design: Perforated/Velvet
Size: Small, Standard, Oversize, Jumbo, Putter
Weight: N/A
Lamkin Dual Density Crossline

Lamkin Dual Density Crossline The Crossline name has become synonymous with Tour-like performance. The Dual Density Crossline is no exception, featuring a firm, torque-resistant underlisting and a soft outer layer produced from a blended multi-material compound that makes for a unique product. This combination is aimed at providing both enhanced tack and feel with the added benefit of shock absorption.
What We Like: A grip for players who like a soft grip but also want the control of a traditional design. Plus, the Crossline pattern never goes out of style, and provides plenty of feel and durability.
Material: Multi-blend
Design: Velvet
Size: Standard, Oversize
Weight: 48g, 61g (Oversize)
Lamkin Dual Density Torsion Control

Lamkin Dual Density Torsion Control Arguably the most radical and different grip produced in the last 10 years, the Dual Density Torsion Control has a micro screen-like surface texture that’s unlike any other grip. Combined with ridges that help better align grip positions, firm up and support the grip, prevent slippage, and combat rain and perspiration, the DDTC has the makings of a Golf Tips Tech Award frontrunner.
What We Like: The firmer Tour Series, as well as a putter grip that combines the new Laser-Tac surface with a mesh rubber design. If you’re open to something new, this grip is a good option. 
Material: Laser-Tac proprietary rubber
Design: Velvet
Size: Standard, Oversize
Weight: 52g, 64g (Oversize)
Macro Golf Macro Grip

Macro Grip Featured on the Macro Square Stroke Mallet and Blade, the Macro grip is designed with a unique reducing-oval shape that’s designed to help eliminate unwanted movements from the passive hand and eliminates unwanted wrist breakdown. In other words, the Macro grip is to help golfers with “the yips.” To use, a split grip is recommended to allow the dominant hand to control the back and forward stroke, which diminishes the tension in the forearms. Now, is it legal? Yes, the USGA says the Macro grip conforms.
What We Like: Anytime there’s a new grip that’s designed to help golfers with “the yips,” we’re always eager to try.
Material: Rubber
Design: Reducing-oval
Size: Midsize, Oversize
Weight: N/A
Sharpro Dual Performance

Sharpro Dual Performance By combining two types of rubber compounds, the Dual Performance grip from Sharpro enables golfers the optimal softness and firmness needed in key areas on the grip. The top region where the fingers of the upper hand grip the club is firmer than the region below, where the lower hand holds the grip. In addition to multiple colors available, the Dual Performance grip comes in either 3/4 cord or no cord models.
What We Like: A new putter company that provides solid performance with advanced technology and an attractive look and feel.
Material: Dual rubber
Design: Velvet
Size: Standard, Oversize
Weight: 50g-60g


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