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Adidas, of course, began life as a sports shoe company, and every shoe in its current line offers some mix of enhanced flexibility, weight savings, lower profile, lessening drop and/or a wider last, from the ├╝ber-light adizero through the minimalistic puremotion.

"Thirty years ago, you wouldn't find athletes on the course, you'd find golfers," explains Bill Price, vice president of footwear. "Now they're all athletes who train hard and prioritize fitness. The swing from 30 years ago has changed and evolved, from a lateral swing to a rotational swing. Footwear needed to change to allow for this. ... There was a big jump toward minimalism. A shoe that's lower to the ground gives the athlete more and better feel. It also allows for more foot splay, which creates better stability. More minimalistic is a good thing."

Given the construction, minimalist shoes tend to go from box to foot quite easily. Yet, as with any new tool, there's an adjustment period.

Moore, whose brother Ryan won the 2012 Las Vegas tour event wearing TRUE shoes, advises: "When you transition to a barefoot platform, you'll feel it. It's not the knee, hip and back discomfort from a shoe that puts you in an unnatural position. This is muscle discomfort. You're working muscles you haven't used in a while; it's understandable. Just gradually work into it. You'll build strength, naturally."

Does it come with 25 more off the tee? Well, that's for you to find out. One thing for sure, today's kicks look, feel and perform better than ever before.


With today's trend in golf footwear moving toward the lower, minimalist approach, that doesn't mean cleated spikes are left in the dust. No, quite the contrary. At Golf Tips, we concur that cleated spikes always will grant you more traction than spikeless shoes will, and it's even more evident when encountering soft and wet course conditions. By that, we mean spikes are often necessary, not only during the golf swing, but as you walk over, through and around various obstacles on a golf course. The last thing anyone needs is to unfortunately slip or fall while playing, right? CHAMP knows a thing or two about constructing spikes that lend a healthy dose of traction without compromising the desired low-profile stance. Among our favorites is the Zarma spike, which has a three-material design not only for traction, but it also flexes to soften the blow from walking, that is, they not only help prevent slipping while walking and swinging, they add some extra cushioning, as well. Point being? Don't neglect removable spikes, especially if you play early in the morning (when courses are generally the wettest) or in regions of the country that are a little wet.

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