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Choosing the right golf ball for your game can make all the difference

Ultra-Premium Four-Piece Multilayer ($40+/doz.)
Ryan: The $40 and above category intrigued me. The balls I tried were  four-piece multilayer balls—as opposed to the more common three-piece multilayer. Off the tee, this ball generally flew lower and with less spin than the regular premium ball. (However, I also tried one ultra-premium ball that had a slightly higher ballflight than all the balls in both the premium and ultra-premium categories, thus proving not all four-piece balls are alike.) When it came to irons and wedge shots around the green, I generally couldn’t tell the difference between these balls and the premium balls. Hmm....

Our Take
Ryan & Charlie: We were generally pleased to see that most golf balls actually live up to the marketing claims, and by that, we mean the claims they make for particular golfers. For example, Ryan has a faster than average swingspeed, which means he might actually lose distance using a value two-piece ball, since they’re made for players with slower swingspeeds. However, for another player with a slower swingspeed or a lower initial launch angle, they may actually be the right choice. (In this experiment, the three-piece urethane cover category was the best for both of us.)
We also learned that by observing the way golf balls performed when hit by different golfers, we could conclude that not one type or category of golf balls will perform the same for a variety of golfers. Also, depending on your swing characteristics, certain balls will perform better than others. Dimple patterns, compression rates, cover thicknesses, etc., all play a part in how a ball performs, making it critical that you determine what type of ball is right for you.
We recommend that everyone go through a custom ballfitting to narrow down the right category. Once you do that, you can choose between three or four different models (that’s a heckuva lot easier—and cheaper—than trying the near endless number of balls at your local golf shop). And by the way, don’t turn to your buddies for advice or base your ball choices solely on what the pros play. How a particular model performs for someone else may be completely different than how that model performs for you.

Find Your Sphere
Curious as to what balls we tried? While we make no claims to be scientific in our findings, we’ll at least let you know which balls we tested and leave it up to you to decipher which balls fall into which categories. Let’s see if you can tell which ones Charlie and Ryan tried.  Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with feedback from your own tests!

Balls We Tried:
Pinnacle Exception Feel
Titliest NXT Tour
Srixon Z-URS
TaylorMade Burner TP
Bridgestone B330-S
Nike One Platinum



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