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Lamkin Mega-Lite 2TEN
Sure, the economy’s tough right now. But just because many golfers can’t justify buying a new set of clubs at the moment, that shouldn’t stop them from playing clubs that feel factory fresh. The solution: Get new grips for a fraction of the cost of new clubs. And the three largest grip manufacturers—Lamkin, Winn and Golf Pride—are offering some eye-opening new products this year that you’ll want to get your hands on.

Lamkin’s touting a new material, coined 3GEN, which stands for third generation, in two of its latest grips. 3GEN is a synthetic rubber that’s both soft and tacky, meaning it absorbs plenty of impact vibration, making all shots feel soft. It’s also low in torque, so it won’t feel as if it’s turning in your hands at impact, as some softer polyure-thane grips do. And it’s durable and fade-resistant, to boot. Here’s the kicker: When you wipe the material with a wet cloth, the tackiness reactivates to day-one fresh.

Lamkin N-Dur
That explains why the two grips mentioned—Lamkin’s new Performance Plus with 3GEN model and Lamkin’s N-DUR model, for woods and irons—are both white. The color was deliberately chosen to encourage you to wipe them with a wet cloth and then dry them whenever you see them begin to get dirty, as white grips will do. They’ll feel and look new. “The 3GEN material is very functional; it’s not just a great-feeling material,” says Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of Lamkin Grips. “This isn’t just another white grip on the market; it’s a material advancement. We were able to develop a mate-rial in a color compound that still maintains the playing characteristics of a black rubber grip. The color compound we developed in 3GEN maintains longevity, and the grip keeps its playability without wearing out prematurely due to the ozone. What we traditionally did to achieve color grips is pull properties from the materials, which resulted in premature wear and hardening. Not this time.” Bottom line: You get maximum hand traction with very little squeezing.

Winnlite firm
The Performance Plus with 3GEN’s textured surface is designed to help you set your fingers in a position that eases hand pressure, tension and fatigue. Its reduced taper allows your hands to work together as one unit, providing more control over the club with less grip pressure. The N-DUR has a dual surface pattern: The underside’s aggressive surface differs from the top’s smoothness, but they work together to alleviate hand tension and add traction where needed, which, in turn, helps you swing easier. It, too, has a reduced taper—the lower-hand area is slightly larger with less taper.


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