Balls Buyer's Guide 2007

We're not talking range balls, Wiffle balls or those limited-flight Cayman balls either. We're talking golf balls the kind that go too far and spin too much.

Nike Juice
(888) 799-NIKE | $20/doz.

Nike Juice You have to check out the latest commercials online. Nike Golf blows up a lava lamp.
Features: The Juice ball is Nike’s new, edgy ball designed to serve as a distance ball, albeit slightly softer and without the harsh feel some distance balls have. 
Advantages: The thin cover and soft core help with distance, but surprisingly, the ball also has a soft feel around the greens and with the putter. By the way, the Juice is also exceptionally durable.
Benefits: Average players with moderate to slow swing speeds who can use a few yards of extra distance off the tee.
What We Like: Creative advertisements aside, the Juice has plenty of pop off the tee, as well as a pleasing, soft feel.
Lineup: Power Distance, Mojo, Juice, Ignite, One
Construction: Two-piece
Cover: Surlyn 
Core: Shore D polybutadiene
Midlayer: None 
Dimple Design: Round (312)
Distance: High 
Trajectory: High
Spin: Moderate
Feel: Soft
Nike One Platinum/Black
(888) 799-NIKE | $39/doz.

Nike One Platinum The reinvented One Series is better than ever.
Features: The One Platinum features an enhanced core that’s now softer in the middle and firmer toward the edges, which reduces spin with the driver and increases it with iron hits. The One Black has a new, thinner cover and a re-engineered 408-dimple pattern to minimize drag and maximize distance.
Advantages: The new One balls are obviously longer than ever. Plus, the difference between the balls’ spin rates is more noticeable.
Benefits: Both balls are suited for faster swings, but that won’t stop everyone from trying Tiger’s.
What We Like: The Platinum is an excellent spinner around the greens.
Lineup: One (Black, Platinum), Ignite, Mojo
Construction: Multi-layer
Cover: Urethane
Core: Polybutadiene
Mid-layer: Ionomer
Distance: High
Dimple Design: Round (336)
Trajectory: Mid
Spin: Mid (One Black), High (One Platinum)
Feel: Soft
Pinnacle Pinnacle CLR White
(800) 225-8500| $18/doz.

Pinnacle CLR Known for being the popular choice among long drivers, Pinnacle shows it can also make a golf ball that looks nice too.
Features: The see-though Surlyn cover material of the CLR White combined with the potent core make for a soft-feeling but hard-hitting value ball.
Advantages: The clear cover actually aids in visibility by reflecting more in the sun. The CLR White (pink is also available) remains among the more versatile balls in not only the clear cover category, but among all golf balls.
Benefits: Recreational players who crave big distance from a pretty golf ball.
What We Like: Some clear cover balls feel harsh, but not this one.
Lineup: Exception, CLR White, CLR Pink, Gold Long Drive, Gold Lady
Construction: Two-piece
Core: Polybutadiene  Midlayer: None
Dimple Design: Icosahedral (395)
Distance: High
Trajectory: High
Spin: Moderate
Feel: Soft
Precept XP3
(888) 358-6319 | $30/doz.

Precept XP3 A high-performance two-piece model designed to provide all golfers with Tour-like distance and feel.
Features: An X-Polymer core with an X-shaped molecular structure that’s said to produce an enhanced transfer of energy at moderate swing speeds. Available in white, yellow and orange.
Advantages: The X-Polymer core is designed to produce significantly enhanced distance for average swing speeds, while the soft Surlyn® cover is designed to provide a combination of feel and durability, as well as added consistency.
Benefits: Golfers with swing speeds under 100 mph who want more distance plus feel.
What We Like: Seamless Cover Technology.
Lineup: XP3, U-Tri Tour, U-Tri Extra Distance, PWRDrive, Laddie Xtreme, DForce
Construction: Two-piece
Cover: Surlyn®
Core: X-Polymer
Mid-layer: None
Distance: High
Dimple Design: Round (432)
Trajectory: High
Spin: Medium
Feel: Medium
Srixon Z-URC
(888) 4-SRIXON | $40/doz.

Srixon Z-URC The second-best player in the world uses this ball.
Features: the new Z-URC ball has an unbelievably thin cover (.02 of an inch thick) to promote a higher spin rate than the Z-URS and Z-UR balls, but in doing so, retains the same explosiveness and feel that the other Z-UR golf balls have. 
Advantages: The added spin helps better players manipulate shots off the tee, and the high-spin rate produced by iron shots helps stick the greens.
Benefits: Better players who want some shotmaking maneuverability off the tee.
What We Like: The Z-URC isn’t shy to say it’s designed to help golfers move the ball off the tee, a la Jim Furyk. Better players will love this ball.
Lineup: Soft Feel, Tri-Speed, AD333, Z-UR, Z-URS,  Z-URC
Construction: Multi-layer
Cover: Urethane 
Core: Polybutadiene
Midlayer: Ionomer
Dimple Design: Round (330)
Distance: High Trajectory: High
Spin: High
Feel: Firm
TaylorMade TP Black/Red
(800) 888-CLUB | $45/doz.

TaylorMade TP Red Designed with Tour professionals in mind, the TP Black and TP Red are already making a huge impact across several professional Tours.
Features: Although similar, the main difference between the TP Red and TP Black is that the TP Red has a larger core and thinner mantle than the TP Black. This means the TP Red has a lower launch angle off the tee, and a softer feel. The TP Black has a higher launch angle and a firmer feel.
Advantages: Both have a razor-thin cover for solid feel and spin around the greens, and the cast thermoset urethane cover is amazingly durable.
Benefits: Better players who want an all-around great golf ball.
What We Like: The ball is long off the tee and soft around the green.
Lineup: TP Red, TP Black
Construction: Multi-layer
Cover: Urethane
Core: Neodymium-based
Midlayer: Ionomer
Dimple Design: Pentangular di-pyramid (322)
Distance: High
Trajectory: High (TP Black); Mid (TP Red)
Spin: High
Feel: Firm (TP Black); Soft (TP Red)


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