Balls Buyer's Guide 2007

We're not talking range balls, Wiffle balls or those limited-flight Cayman balls either. We're talking golf balls the kind that go too far and spin too much.

Bridgestone e5/e6
(800) 358-6319 | $25/doz.

Bridgestone e5 It’s the customized performance, driven by the latest in urethane and core technology, that makes the new e5 and e6 golf balls the ones to watch.
Features: The e5 is designed for golfers who want more height and distance by generating the optimal spin rate for maximum lift and carry. The e6, on the other hand, is designed for players who want less sidespin.
Advantages: The e5 has a 432 Seamless Double Dimple design for quick lift, while the e6 has only 330 dimples for less spin and a  boring trajectory.
Benefits: Mid- to high-handicappers who crave distance will like the e5, and better players who want minimal sidespin are in for a treat with the e6.
What We Like: High performance, great value.
Lineup: B330, B330-S, e5, e6
Construction: Two-piece (e5), Multi-layer (e6) 
Core: Polymer
Mid-layer: Linear Velocity mantle (e6)
Distance: High
Dimple Design: Round (432 e5) (330 e6)
Trajectory: High (e5), Mid (e6) 
Spin: High (e5), Mid (e6)
Feel: Soft
Bridgestone Tour B330/B330-S
(800) 358-6319 | $40/doz.

Bridgestone Tour These two Tour-validated golf balls from Bridgestone just got better.
Features: The thin urethane cover, ionomer mid-layer and Speed Elasticity core of the B330 and B330-S combine to produce both distance and feel. 
Advantages: The 2007 version of both golf balls is new and improved. Both balls are more durable, and both outperform their predecessors as far as distance is concerned. The B330 is a bit more playable around the greens and feels softer than before, and the B330-S is longer than the previous model.
Benefits: The B330 is for fast swingers; the B330-S is great for everyone else!
What We Like: Improved durability is a plus and it seems both balls cut through the wind like a warm knife in soft butter. Good stuff!
Lineup: B330, B300-S, e5, e6
Construction: Multi-layer
Cover: Urethane
Core: Polymer
Mid-layer: Ionomer
Distance: High
Dimple Design: Round (330)
Trajectory: Mid
Spin: Medium (B330), High (B330-S)
Feel: Firm (B330), Soft (B330-S)
Callaway HX Hot
(877) ELY-BALL | $25/doz.

Callaway HX Hot For the distance-obsessed golfer who needs extra yards with every club in the bag.
Features: The HX Hot is equipped with not only a hexagonal dimple pattern for improved distance, but also a polymer mid-layer to ensure optimal spin with the big stick and around the putting surface.
Advantages: The HEX dimple pattern works wonders for splitting the wind, and the Ionomer cover helps to minimize excessive spin with the driver for the utmost in both carry and roll.
Benefits: Moderate to fast swingers who get a kick out of ripping it past the rest of their group.
What We Like: It’s cool to see a durable, multi-layer distance ball that performs well. Nice!
Lineup: Warbird, Big Bertha, HX Pearl, HX Hot, HX Tour 56, HX Tour
Construction: Multi-layer
Cover: Ionomer
Core: Polybutadiene
Midlayer: Dupont HPF polymer Dimple
Design: Hexagonal
Distance: High  Trajectory: Mid
Spin: Low
Feel: Soft
Callaway HX Tour/HX Tour 56
(877) ELY-BALL | $39/doz.
Tour 56:

Callaway HX Tour Callaway’s premium golf ball model gets significant improvements.
Features: The hexagonal aerodynamics of the HX Tour produces a Tour-desired trajectory, and the deeper sub-hex dimples effectively reduce drag for a very consistent, penetrating ballflight. The softer, higher-spinning HX Tour 56 is the perfect combination of feel and distance.
Advantages: The improvements made on the cover durability are just what this ball needed to catapult Callaway into the premium ball stratosphere.
Benefits: While both versions of the HX Tour are suited for fast swingers, the HX Tour 56 is a solid option for average swing speeds as well.
What We Like: Improved durability makes the HX Tour one of the best. 
Lineup: HX Tour, HX Tour 56, HX Red, HX Blue, HX Hot, Big Bertha, Warbird
Construction: Multi-layer
Cover: Urethane
Core: Polybutadiene 
Mid-layer: Ionomer
Distance: High
Dimple Design: Hexagonal
Trajectory: Mid
Spin: Mid (HX Tour), High (HX Tour 56)
Feel: Soft
Maxfli Powermax
(800) 456-8633 | $15/doz.

Maxfli Powermax With John Daly on the box, do we really need to explain what this ball is designed to do?
Features: the new, value-priced Powermax from Maxfli has an enlarged core for faster ball speed and a cover designed to not only be durable, but also functional around the greens.
Advantages: Two models are available: The Powermax Distance is made to minimize driver spin and provide all-out distance; the Powermax Soft Distance is also a long ball, but has a softer cover.
Benefits: Recreational golfers who want the most distance possible in a 15-ball pack.
What We Like: The new logo looks great, and the Soft Distance is great from 100 yards out. 
Lineup: Powermax Distance, Powermax Soft Distance
Construction: Two-piece
Cover: Surlyn
Core: Polybutadiene
Midlayer: None
Dimple Design: Round
Distance: High
Trajectory: High
Spin: Low (Distance); Mid (Soft Distance)
Feel: Firm (Distance); Soft (Soft Distance)
Maxfli Fire
(800) 456-8633 | $19/doz.

Maxfli Fire Maxfli’s latest entry into the distance market is backed up by none other than the original long bomber, John Daly.
Features: With a multi-layer construction, 442 dimples and an HPG SpeedMantle, the Fire is built for sheer distance and an increase in ball speed.
Advantages: By employing 442 dimples, the ball lifts quicker, making it a solid alternative for slower swing speeds.
Benefits: Anyone who wants more distance for a great price. Also, if you keep the ball in play, the great durability of the Fire will really impress.
What We Like: The ball hops off the face and rises quickly, making it the ideal golf ball for those who struggle with getting enough height on their drives. 
Lineup: Fire, Powermax
Construction: Multi-layer
Cover: N/A
Core: Polybutadiene
Midlayer: HPG 100 SpeedMantle
Dimple Design: Orbital (442)
Trajectory: High
Spin: High
Feel: Firm


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