Accessories Buyer's Guide 2007

Think the only things that make you a better golfer are clubs and balls? Well, think again. There?s a lot more to the game and it can all fit right in your bag.

Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder
On the heels of Bushnell’s exceedingly popular PinSeeker 1500 Rangefinder comes the Medalist, a rangefinder offered at a lower price point. With the Medalist, golfers are guaranteed +/- one-yard accuracy from within 300 yards without the need for those reflectors often found on flagsticks. The Medalist weighs a mere nine ounces and is powered by a nine-volt battery. With rubber armoring and a premium carrying case, it’s easy and safe to carry.

SureShot GPS SureShot GPS
The folks at Tee2Green Technologies in Australia have made a splash with their handsome SureShot GPS yardage reader. What makes it stand out? Well, namely its sleek design and color screen, a feature its rivals don’t possess. In addition to the standard GPS features (distance measuring to specific points, course data storage, ability to measure to points lasers can’t penetrate), the SureShot enables users to record shot statistics and even suggests which club to hit. The light, portable device can be clipped to your belt, and its battery lasts a long time.

PING M-Flex Glove PING M-Flex Glove
When PING introduces a new product in a new category, you know it has got to stand up to PING’s notorious quality-control standards. Its new M-Flex is an exceptional golf glove that features a unique, non-leather, micro-fiber composition that’s designed to grip
exceptionally well in wet or dry conditions. Surprisingly, the micro-fiber feels very much like Cabretta leather, and in our opinion, breathes even better. Heck, it smells like leather, too. If high-tech hand wear is too “New Age” for you, PING also offers a Cabretta leather model.




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