Accessories Buyer's Guide 2006

Accessories take many forms, but the most important are the bag, performance eyewear and a quality rangefinder

Accessories Buyer's Guide 2006Golf accessories run aplenty in the Golf Tips offices, and they’re a big part of the game. But after you sift through the multiple cigar butt/puttershaft holders, groove cleaners, face-mark indicators, ball retrievers, sunblock applicators, iron head covers, ball markers and scorecard holders, you’ll discover that only three items are true must-have golf accessories: bags, golf-specific eyewear and rangefinders.

Imagine life without a golf bag. That enough says a load about its importance. Today’s models do far more than just carry your equipment from parking lot to tee box to green. They’re complicated haulers that actually go a long way toward keeping those expensive woods and irons of yours in top playing shape.

As far as eyewear is concerned, there’s no reason to doubt their effectiveness on the course. When the name of the game is contour reading and depth perception, anything that helps—and today’s performance eyewear certainly does—is a welcome advantage.

And since you carry your own bag, it’s likely you don’t have your own caddy. Enter the rangefinder, your instant guide to the correct distance. WIth a click of a button, you’ll always know the perfect club to hit.

SkyCaddieSky Golf SkyCaddie
By using the Global Positioning System, the unique SkyCaddie handheld device calculates exact distances at any golf course already programmed into the SkyGolf network. Forget tracking down yardage; the SkyCaddie will have it ready when you are. New courses can be easily added and stored.

Considered “seat belts for the eyes,” the SunBuster line is designed for total UVA/UVB protection via high-impact, polycarbonate, SolaRex lenses that are decentered and distortion-free. The unique PuttReader lens (purplish tint) of the GolfCorrect series is designed to reduce green hues to bring out the browns, reds and yellows to help better see breaks on the green as well as clear out haze and reflection to prevent eye fatigue. Other features include a choice of lens sizes, each with AquaPel anti-fog technology.  Style featured: PuttReaders


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