40 Things You Need To Know About Your Equipment

39. Travel Right
Even if your clubs sit in the trunk of your car for months on end, or rattle against each other in your bag when you walk the course, your gear endures the most trauma as soon as you check it at the airport. Air travel is brutal on your clubs, even if you house them in a state-of-the-art travel bag. Wrap a heavy towel over the heads for extra protection, or do what some Touring pros do: insert your woods upside-down in your golf bag. This protects the most fragile part of your driver and woods (the shaft area just above the hosel). Also, Gripp Buttsconsider a nifty travel bag accessory, the Stiff Arm, from Club Glove (www.clubglove.com) to keep your gear as safe as it can be. The Stiff Arm makes any travel bag collapse-proof.

40. Rethink Your Grips
While you’re likely aware that grips come in several different diameters, you may not be aware of the ramifications. Of course, if you have large hands, opt for larger grips, but also consider the effect. All other things being equal, larger grips limit hand action while smaller grips enhance it, which is why many gear buffs vary the size of their grips throughout their sets. Smaller-diameter grips in the longer irons and woods are effective in that more hand action is necessary to rotate the face through the hitting area to produce square contact. In the short irons and especially the wedges, larger grips can keep overactive hands from pulling short shots left of target. If you really want to personalize your set, experiment with different-size grips. It might make all the difference in the world.



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