40 Things You Need To Know About Your Equipment

33. Get In Touch With MPF
MPF stands for Maltby Playability Factor, which is a concept developed by GolfWorks founder Ralph Maltby to rate golf club forgiveness. Based on years of experimentation and study, the process for determining MPF for irons is based on specific mass and dimensional qualities of the iron head itself. Things like vertical and horizontal CG locations and MOI are used in conjunction with a mathematical formula to group irons in the following categories: Ultra Game Improvement, Super Game Improvement, Game Improvement, Conventional, Classic and Player Classic. If you’re interested in learning more about MPF and how your current or perspective irons rate, visit www.franklygolf.com/mpf.

Black Gold 34. Upgrade With True Temper Black Gold
It’s the rare golfer who has never experienced the performance of True Temper’s famed Dynamic Gold iron shafts, which now include a new iteration, Black Gold. Featuring a stepless, descending weight design (shafts get lighter from long irons to short irons), Black Gold offers expected performance with the same ballflight as traditional Dynamic Gold, but with a new and unique feel. If you desire TT quality plus the ability to dial in the frequency of each shaft, then give Black Gold a try. For more information, visit www.truetemper.com.

35. Get “Hybridized”
There are several reasons why a hybrid club is much easier to hit than its corresponding long iron. For one, the “wood”-type head of a hybrid positions weight away from the clubface, making it easier to get the ball airborne due to the deeper center of gravity. The smaller head size and added weight help the hybrid get through heavy grass when that need arises. Also, the shorter shaft makes it easier to control hybrids as compared to longer woods. These factors make hybrids a wise consideration in place of long irons. Most players have difficulty with 3-irons, and many have trouble with 4- and 5-irons. By replacing these hard-to-hit clubs with easier-to-strike hybrids, your control and distance will improve.

Hybrid irons and woods are available in a number of lofts, making it easy to determine which hybrids best match your set makeup. Many manufacturers of hybrids actually put a number on the sole of the club to tell a player what iron it replaces.

A key thing to remember when choosing a hybrid (or hybrids) is the loft gaps between the clubs in your set. You don’t want to buy a hybrid that hits the ball the same distance as one of the clubs you’re keeping in your bag. Compare the lofts of your irons—have them measured if need be—to determine which hybrids best fit into your set.

36. Upgrade With UST’s Frequency Filtered Putter Shaft
Featuring a butt section of woven graphite, a Frequency Filtered midsection and a steel tip, this shaft is the result of a joint venture between UST and Balance Certified. The goal was to design a system that significantly improved feel. This is accomplished with the Frequency Filter device integrated between the steel and graphite sections of the shaft. It’s designed to allow certain vibration frequencies to pass through to the player’s hands and block out others from coming up the shaft. For more information, visit www.ustgolfshaft.com.

37. Prepare The Most important Gear—You
If your body doesn’t have the right fuel, it won’t perform properly. You need proteins to sustain you through 18 holes, so eat a balanced breakfast of fruit, cereal, skim milk, yogurt or maybe egg whites or substitutes. Skip the heavy bacon and eggs—it’s too much for your body to digest and use.

At the turn, pass on that hot dog and chips and opt for fruit, a granola bar or a turkey or tuna sandwich. Better yet, bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—it has the ideal mix of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Cheese crackers are a good second alternative, too.

38. Hybrid Hookup
Did you purchase a hybrid with a graphite shaft, assuming it was more like a fairway wood so it needed a composite shaft? It’s likely you did, but according to the experts, you’ll get more performance from a steel shaft in a hybrid than a similar graphite shaft. Graphite is great for those who truly need it, and it affords longer length at a lighter weight, but you didn’t buy the hybrid for distance. You bought it for its versatility and ease of use. If you’re able, try switching out the graphite for steel.


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