40 Things You Need To Know About Your Equipment

Tees 15. Alter Your Tee Height
Today’s drivers are designed so golfers can take advantage of the “hot zone,” which typically is located just above the sweet spot of the clubface. This is where gear effects are the highest, promoting a higher launch with less spin and, as a result, longer carry distance. If you’re craving extra yards, buy the longest tees you can, without exceeding the four-inch USGA limit, to maximize the power capabilities of your driver. This especially goes for 400cc to 460cc driver heads. To accommodate your need for over-length tees, check out the offerings from Pride Sports, which sells color-coded pegs in lengths of 2 1⁄8, 2 3⁄4, 3 1⁄4 and 4 inches. For more info, visit www.pridegolftee.com.

16. Get Into Your Grooves
If you play with debris-filled grooves, you severely limit your ability to produce shot-stopping action on approaches, pitches and chips. In order to spin, a golf ball must “climb” up the face, and that takes the grabbing ability of sufficiently deep grooves. Whether you use a groove-cleaning tool (preferred), a tee or even an ice pick, use it often and always make sure the face is as pristine as possible.

Dryer 17. Heat Up Loose Ferrules
When ferrules become loose (and they often do), it can be distracting both to the ear and eye. To fix a loose ferrule, try heating them with a hair dryer. The heat will cause the plastic to expand and firm up on the shaft. If all else fails, use bonding adhesive or a similar glue.

18. Iron Finder
Whether you left your trusty 7-iron somewhere on the 16th hole last week, or are interested in purchasing vintage irons, visit www.ironfinder.com. It’s an amazing site.

19. Match Your MOI
Virtually all golfers who play regularly have noticed they have a favorite club or clubs within their current or previous set of clubs. A favorite club is a club with which the golfer is most consistent and has the utmost confidence in his or her ability to hit the ball solid and on center more often than the other clubs in the set. After research and testing, Tom Wishon Golf Technology (TWGT) believes that a very good reason for the fact that golfers have favorite clubs is that the MOI of those clubs happens to match the strength, tempo and swing mechanics of the golfer noticeably better than that of the other clubs. Therefore, the concept of TWGT MOI Matching is based initially on asking the golfer to bring forth a favorite club from any set he or she may own or has used. The favorite club is measured for its MOI using the TWGT MOI Matching System, after which the other clubs are then built to match the MOI of the favorite club(s). The results, according to TWGT, indicate that MOI matching may very well be the next big thing in custom clubfitting. For more information, visit www.wishongolf.com.

20. Upgrade With Graphite Design YS-II
Graphite Design is well known for its extremely high-quality YS Series of shafts, all of which are made with top-notch materials for premium performance. Like the majority of high-quality aftermarket shafts, the YS Series also carried a relatively premium price, making it inaccessible to certain golfers. To remedy this problem, Graphite Design introduced the YS Type II Series, which offers quality performance at a value price. Available in a range of weights as well as in a hybrid model, the YS Type II is a great option for players looking to upgrade the performance  of their clubs without spending an arm and a leg to do so. For more information, visit www.gdintl.com.

21. Get Tour-Preferred
Clubs with a “Tour” or “Tour-Preferred” moniker generally have similar features as the regular model, but with differences that make them appealing to professional or other high-level golfers. When it comes to drivers, this means a square or even slightly open clubface (regular-model drivers feature slightly hooked or closed clubfaces), a CG that’s neutral (not promoting a high draw like regular models) and sometimes a slightly smaller clubhead size. If you’re not a true Tour-type player, these seemingly small differences will cause you to hit the ball low, to the right and not very far. With irons and wedges, “Tour” or “Tour-Preferred” models tend to feature little or no offset, soles with little bounce and CG locations tending toward the high side. Again, if you’re not an accomplished player, these characteristics will probably lead to poor results.


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