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By Doug Hammer, PGA
Despite what you may think, sometimes it's okay to have a weak grip. By weak, I mean a grip that promotes less hinge through the downswing and unfolds sooner, helping you hit higher (albeit shorter) shots. Typically, a weak grip (by the way, weak doesn't mean you hold the club lightly) isn't the best choice come time to nuke out some extra distance, but a weak grip can help you if you tend to hook the ball too much. If that's you and you fight the left, grip the handle with only one gloved knuckle showing and your ungloved thumb on top of the grip. You'll stop hooking in a hurry. The standard grip allows for more clubface rotation and a bigger hinge, helping you not only close the face through impact, but hit longer tee shots, too. It's the ideal grip for most of your shots around the course, and with the driver when you want the most control. The standard grip has a gloved hand that shows two knuckles (from the golfer's view) and an ungloved hand that has a V formed by the thumb and index finger. That V then points at your right shoulder. Use this grip as an all-purpose grip that lends the best blend of distance and control. The beast mode grip is what you'll need to squeeze out some extra yards on your next tee shot. With this grip, three to four knuckles are shown on the gloved hand, and the V formed by the index finger and thumb of the ungloved hand points well to the right of the right shoulder. When using this grip, you're allowing for a big hinge of the wrists and maximum lag; however, it's critical that you match this grip with a big, powerful swing. Otherwise, you'll likely hook the ball.

If you're ready to go low, make sure you take care of your grips! We recommend at least one new set of grips every year, and if you play a lot, maybe switch 'em up in the middle of the season, as well. The grip is your only physical connection to the golf club and the ball, meaning whatever momentum you create with your body, its only way to the ball is through the grip. So be sure you not only have a grip that's tacky and fits your preference, be sure and get the right size for you. Grips that are too small can lead to too much hand action and more pulls and hooks. Too big? You might slice more. Check out our top grip picks this year, and keep those grips fresh and new!

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Black Widow
Tour Silk II
Key Features: The mid-firmness Tour Silk II has been redesigned to be even more durable and to do a better job of wicking away water for a more secure grip. The classic velvet shape is comfortable and tacky, with frankly, a no-nonsense design. Simple and straight, that's what this grip is. We like how the texturing looks like snakeskin.
Specs: Round velvet design in white and black. Both in standard size.
Black Widow
Key Features: The upper portion of the grip features a pebble-like pattern for extra traction, whereas the lower portion of the grip has a wrap-style texture for added feel and vibration absorption.
Specs: Made of proprietary rubber in a dual-texture design. The lower half is a traditional wrap for better feel, the upper is a rugged, textured pattern for added gripping action. Standard and midsize in black, standard size in white.
Secret Grip
Key Features: Jack Nicklaus endorses them! That should be enough, right? The secret behind the Secret Grip is that it's counterbalanced with a 17g tungsten weight in the butt end of the grip. This raises the balance point of the club for better feel through the swing. We love how it feels in wedges, by the way.
Specs: Proprietary compound, with a 17g tungsten weight in the butt end of the grip. Standard size.


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