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The best balls for 2014

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B330RX & B330RXS
Key Features: Both the B330RX and B330RXS have Hydro Core tech, only in a more friendly design for golfers who maybe aren't blessed with 105+ mph swing speeds.
Wow Factor: Bridgestone has made it simple to decide which Tour-level ball you need. Want Tour distance with added spin? Go with the B330RX. If spin is even more important, try the B330RXS. Simple, right? As for performance, the B330RXS spins so much, you'll feel like a Tour player from inside 100 yards (even though you don't swing as fast as a Tour player).
Specs: Three-piece construction, with a Urethane cover.
bridgestonegolf.com | $45/doz.
Key Features: The world's first eco-friendly golf ball made of recyclable material, the Earth is also a solid distance ball with exceptional durability.
Wow Factor: It's not made of recycled stuff—it's made so it can be recycled. Got that? And in case you haven't seen the commercial starring Don Cheadle on the website, you should. It's great. As for performance? The Dixon Earth is a great all-purpose golf ball. Simply put.
Specs: Made of 100% recyclable material. It can be traded in for a discounted price on another one. Cool!
dixongolf.com | $40/doz.
RZN Red & White
Key Features: Both the Red and White have three-piece construction, with a lightweight Speedlock core for more distance, control and a better ballflight. The Red promotes more distance while the White features a bit more feel.
Wow Factor: It's not a Tour-level ball, in our opinion, but it sure comes close. And at under $30 a dozen, it's a ball that most amateurs should consider. For real. They're the best-feeling, good-value Nike balls ever made.
Specs: Three-piece construction.
nikegolf.com | $29/doz.
MA 1.0
Key Features: You can't see it, but this ball has a hollow metal core, which pushes weight toward the perimeter of the ball for a high MOI and less sidespin. Cool!
Wow Factor: Awesome technology! And, by the way, in case you were wondering, it's USGA-conforming. Is hollow core the future of golf? It certainly is for OnCore, and we think they have a bright future ahead. This ball is the real deal, and we appreciate the efforts these folks took in getting a revolutionary ball like this into play.
Specs: Hollow metal core, with a polymer midlayer and an ionomer cover.
oncoregolf.com | $42.95/doz.
V Motion & E Motion
Key Features: The E-Motion is a three-piece ball with a Surlyn cover and the V-Motion is a three-piece ball with a Urethane Cover. The E-Motion is the everyday, durable choice for most recreational players and the V-Motion is more Tour-like, with fewer dimples (318) for a more flat, penetrating launch.
Wow Factor: The company is known for its putters, but trust us, these balls are spot on and quite good. What surprised us the most? How long both balls were. Big hitters will like the V-Motion's low-launch characteristics.
Specs: The E-Motion is a three-piece construction, with a Surlyn cover; the V-Motion is a four-piece construction, with a Urethane cover.
rifeputters.com | $18-$32/doz.
Project (a)
Key Features: According to TaylorMade, average golfers spin the ball about half as much as Tour players do with their wedges. This ball is designed to close that spin gap, helping to create spin where we need it and also reduce spin where we don't (off the tee).
Wow Factor: A high-performance ball for weekend warriors like us. What's not to like about that? We get the type of distance we're used to, only now with a ton of greenside spin. Nice.
Specs: Three-piece construction, with a Urethane cover.
taylormadegolf.com | $32/doz.
NXT & NXT Tour
Key Features: Titleist set out to make the NXT and NXT Tour as close to being a Tour-level ball as it could—without a Urethane cover and higher price tag. If you ask us, they succeeded! The NXT Tour combines big distance off the tee and more spin than we expected around the green. The NXT Tour S performed similarly, only had a softer feel.
Wow Factor: The NXT Tour ball isn't new, but this iteration is outstanding. We wouldn't be surprised to see a Tour player put it in play. It's that good. Also comes in yellow.
Specs: Both balls have three-piece construction, with a Fusablend cover.
titleist.com | $39/doz.
White Color
Key Features: Volvik's new ball combines the feel and added spin of a Urethane cover with the distance of a Bismuth metal dual-core design. In simple English, that means it's a top ball for superior distance off the tee and added control around the greens.
Wow Factor: Putting the ironic name and big distance aside, this ball is seriously workable from the fairway and around the greens. No joke, we hit shots that required added spin, and the White Color performed exceptionally well. It's not a low-launching ball off the tee, which is okay with us, considering how far it goes and how responsive it is with short shots.
Specs: Three-piece construction, with a Urethane cover.
volvik.com | $45/doz.
Wilson Staff
FG Tour
Key Features: A four-piece construction designed for Tour-level use, the FG Tour has a soft feel to go with big distance off the tee and stopping power around the green. So confident that you'll like it, Wilson offers a money-back guarantee. Okay, Wilson, you have our attention now. (Actually, we already tried them, and we won't be sending them back.)
Wow Factor: Did we mention the guarantee? You won't need it. It's our favorite Wilson ball and does more than hold its own in a tough category of golf balls that all have really good performance. We were especially pleased with how long this ball was off the tee.
Specs: Four-piece construction, with a Urethane cover.
wilsonstaff.com | $45/doz.

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