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We all agree that to make more putts, it's critical to keep your eye on the ball. Yet the elaborate shapes, reflective metal or white finishes of most putters encourage the opposite. Mantis putters make the ball the hero—simple as that.

Our patented color and finish have proven that when putting with the Mantis, your eyes stay on the ball, not the club. The Mantis "B" is a superbly constructed and balanced heel/toe-weighted putter. It joins our original face-balanced mallet. Both feature a stainless-steel head and milled polyurethane face to deliver great feel with every stroke. Mantis putters conform with USGA Rules.
www.mantisgolfco.com | $159.99

The Putting Wand takes the flexible shaft from the Orange Whip and connects it to a unique putter head that's ambidextrous and has a round hitting surface. Together, these qualities enhance the learning process to create consistent putting strokes. The Putting Wand improves the rhythm and tempo of putting stroke to enhance distance control and consistency. The unique design of putter head encourages "center contact" because miss hits are exaggerated.
orangewhiptrainer.com | $109 | (877)-505-9447

The PutterWheel trains all aspects of putting:
1. SETUP: the red sidewalls help align eyes directly over the ball.
2. STROKE: Any mis-hit will wobble off the clubface.
3. SCORE: The included two-line alignment template draws two lines on your game ball the same width as the Putter Wheel.

Selected as one of the "10 Great Items from the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show" by Golf.com/Sports Illustrated, the PutterWheel is the actual weight of a golf ball with a premium urethane cover. In addition to alignment and stroke feedback, the two-line template helps golfers take the wheel visualization and stroke to the course.
www.putterwheel.com | $17.95, $26.95, $39.95 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Repairs ball marks with a simple 45-degree poke on both sides of the ball mark for a smooth putting surface. Allows you to pull buried tees out of the tee box with the tines, as well as re-sharpening broken tees (wood and plastic) into a par 3 tee. Sharpens dull or broken scoring pencils. Better divot repair for smooth putting. Rub your thumb between the tines to relax before putting or driving the ball.
www.reteegolf.com | (855) 373-4948, (780) 208-0887

The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer measures total time from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as clubhead swing speed. It's used at all Jim McLean Golf Schools.

Radar Data Link is now available. Send data from your Radar to your tablet or smartphone.

www.sportssensors.com | (888) 542-9246

Wedgewood Golf's innovative hybrid clubs are an excellent fit for golfers who struggle to hit their traditional irons consistently. The Wedgewood patented design combines the most sought-after
characteristics of traditional irons and woods into a single design. Wedgewood Golf offers twelve different lofts ranging from a hybrid Driver all the way to up to a hybrid Sand Wedge. Hit the ball higher and straighter than ever before! From the fairway, off the tee, in the rough or sand, the Wedgewood will give you confidence to hit with accuracy and power!

Special offer: Try the Wedgewood Silver IR Series 7 iron for only $49.99!

www.wedgewoodgolf.com | $89.99/Club | (888)833-7371


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