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GPS, Train & Wear and Training Aids

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SwingSmart is a one-ounce sensor that mounts easily to any club and, via Bluetooth, transmits feedback to an iOS or Android device. It tracks tempo, path, clubhead speed and helps you dial in the perfect clubface alignment. The new "Duo" model is accurate and gives instant analysis—data of your best swings can be used later as a reference point. Plus, you can watch multiple angles of your swing at one time. Incredibly cool.
swingsmart.com | $250

SkyGolf SkyPro
The user interface has been redesigned and sped up since its launch last year, with a new putting-analysis feature. You get immediate feedback about clubface position, stroke length, tempo and more. New content also includes practice tips from leading instructors, such as Hank Haney and Michael Breed. The sub-one-ounce unit attaches easily to any clubshaft and communicates swing data via Bluetooth to a free smartphone app.
golfskypro.com | $200

Train & Wear

Orange Whip Putting Wand
The Putting Wand is the latest from the creative folks at Orange Whip, designed to help golfers develop a better and more consistent putting stroke. The super-flexible shaft exaggerates mis-hits and yippy strokes, helping golfers to fine-tune their tempo and stroke lengths. It's also rather addicting to practice with.
orangewhiptrainer.com | $109

Tifosi Podium XC
Like its predecessors, the Podium XC offers an unobstructed range of vision with frameless, full-shield lens design. The striking reflective lens does more than look great. It also performs! This high quality lens features consistent color for less lens distortion, is hydrophobic so water and sweat roll off, and filters a high level of blue light. Important for golfers, the filtering of blue light sharpens contrast so it's easy to track a ball in flight or read the contours of the greens.
tifosioptics.com | $79

Hitting bigger, longer drives is a lot easier with a straight left arm. The GolfSTR is designed to help you do just that by reminding you when you're and when you're not holding your left arm taut. Simple, easy-to-use and extremely portable, the GolfSTR is a top pick for a quik fix. Expect longer and straighter hits in no time.
golfstr.com | $29.99

Brush Tee PRO XLT Tees
Look, we were skeptical when we first tried them, too, but it didn't take long to become a Brush Tee believer (and user.) The concept is simple. The low-friction bristles hold the ball and through impact, there's little to no deflection or resistance through the hit. That said, we really love the consistent tee height you get when using it. That kind of consistency is key for better driving. The 3.125-inch-length PRO XLT is perfect for today's oversized clubheads.
brusht.com | $7.99

CHAMP Spikes
No matter what shoe you choose to play golf in, you're always going to get better traction using one with removable cleats. Among our favorites are the ones made by CHAMP, in particular, the Catalyst. The low-profile design snaps in in one click and provides maximum traction with low foot pressure. We like that a lot.
champspikes.com | $15

Alphard Duo Golf Cart
Add this to the "why didn't I think of that" list. The Alphard Duo combines a golf bag with a pull cart, making it a cinch to travel with both. Just fold up the legs and wheels, and it's in the truck or travel bag. Simple. Wheels and cart aside, it's a pretty nice bag, too, with a 14-way divider and up to nine pockets. A genius idea, if you ask us.
alphardgolf.com | $329


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