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SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX
Finally, a golf rangefinder watch with some color. It's preloaded with 34,000 high-precision, error-corrected golf courses, and sports a clear, high-definition, sunlight-read-able display with both positive and negative polarity. Plus, it's Bluetooth-enabled, and when paired with a new-and-free mobile app, you can upload scores and stats wirelessly to the company website. We love that it's ready to use out of the box.
skycaddie.com | $250

Golf Buddy BB4
This looks like the future of GPS watches in that it's just simply a sporty band that looks solid-colored. However, distances to the front/center/back of the green appear almost magically in dotted, futuristic form. It's really cool. And it's preloaded with distances from some 37,000 courses worldwide. It automatically recognizes which course and hole you're at. The battery lasts 10 hours.
gpsgolfbuddy.com | $349

Bushnell NEO XS
This sleek-looking watch retains enough battery life per charge in GPS mode to last for three rounds. Used as a normal watch, it will go two years without needing a recharge. And it comes preloaded with more than 33,000 courses in more than 30 countries. The unit can also be used as an odometer on the course or while exercising away from the links.
bushnell.com | $200

Leupold GX-4i2
Now with USGA-approved Smart Key technology, you can swap the faceplate from silver to yellow, the latter of which measures uphill and downhill slopes and then factors them into the overall distance. The unit is compact, lightweight, durable and downright sexy. Gripping traction makes it a breeze to hold still. It locks in yardages lightning-fast on a display that's nice and vivid. Quite simply, it's the classiest-looking distance finder out there.
leupold.com | $625
The WR72 Alpha utilizes its own proprietary forged Titanium alloy that is 30 times stronger than steel and extremely light weight. The WR72 is as fashionable as robust and incorporates all of the functionality that golfers have come to expect with superior materials. A rare-earth-metal antenna provides sub-meter GPS performance. These new Titanium GPS Golf Watches are equally at home on the course or on the town.
golfesn.com | $249-$269

Zepp GolfSense
This 6.3-gram, 1-square-inch transmitter attaches to your glove's Velcro® strap. Take a swing, and the sensor relays all of your pertinent swing data to your iPhone, iPad or Android device with 3D analysis. You can also access tips for improvement, compare swing to pros and friends, and get personalized tips, drills and coaching. We found it to be pretty fast at relaying information.
zepp.com | $150

Swingbyte 2
This is the second generation of a popular mobile swing analyzer that has a redesigned, lightweight sensor with more stability. A new latching mechanism eases attachment to your club shaft, as well. And the latest sensor has a lower profile, an electronic power switch and covert LED lights. The revamped app can record video, auto-trim excess footage, and sync videos to 3D visuals and data.
swingbyte.com | $149


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