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By Mark Christensen, Brand Manager WINN GRIPS

You've probably heard before that using a properly sized grip is important, but do you know why? When a grip is too small, the player must wrap their hands too far around the grip, causing muscle tension in the forearms. This tension makes it difficult to keep a smooth tempo and good rhythm to the swing. It also can cause the player's wrists to become too active through impact, causing the ball to hook. When a grip is too large, it becomes harder to achieve proper wrist cock at the top of the backswing. It also becomes more difficult to release the wrists to square the clubface at impact.

So how do you know your proper grip size? Most golf pros teach that the proper grip size is achieved when the player closes their hands around the grip and the fingertips come just short of touching the base of the hands, which various hand-sizing charts also will recommend. This is a good rule of thumb, but it ultimately comes down to what size feels most comfortable in your hands. So, if a hand measurement chart recommends a standard-sized grip, but you feel more comfortable with a midsized grip, go with the midsized. If you don't feel comfortable over the ball, you'll never play your best.

At Winn, we offer undersized, standard, midsized and oversized grips to fit every hand size and preference. Most major golf retail stores have a repair department that displays all of the different sizes available on short shafts. You definitely need to use these display grips to decide what feels best. Ideally, the store or clubfitter will have full-length clubs available with different-sized grips that you could swing, as well.


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