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Penta TP5
Key Feature: This new and improved five-layer ball features a 28% lower core compression. That equates to lower driver spin (and, hence, longer shots) and a softer feel around the greens.
Who It's For: Developed for Tour pros, the TP5 can be played by golfers of all abilities. Of course, better players will really notice the benefits of its multiple layers.
Specs: Urethane cover and a five-layer construction that's engineered to improve performance on every shot, from tee to green.
taylormadegolf.com | $46
NPro V1 & Pro V1x
Key Feature: Delivers increased spin control and a more consistent flight, thanks to a ZG process core technology, responsive ionomeric casing layer, Urethane elastomer cover and dimple design.
Who It's For: This year's balls have been refined for even greater distance and durability. Really? How much better can these balls get? We're impressed (as always).
Specs: Three-piece ball with Urethane elastomer cover, bearing a spherically tiled 352-tetrahedral-dimple design. The four-piece Pro V1x produces less spin on full shots.
titleist.com | $58
Key Feature: he new ProBismuth from Volvik is a three-piece, high-performance golf ball with a soft Z-1 cover for enhanced feel and playability on shorter shots.
Who It's For: Mid- to low-handicappers who want a solid blend of control and distance in a ball that has a soft, silky feel both off the tee and with iron shots. With such spin around the green, you'd swear they had a Urethane cover.
Specs: Three-piece construction, soft Zirconiuim cover, 446-dimple pattern, Bismuth-infused core.
volvikgolfusa.com | $32
Crystal 3-Piece
Key Feature: The popular colored-ball brand has made its way into the high-performance market with the new Crystal 3-Piece. The two-piece low-compression core and translucent cover combine for big distance with woods and added spin with iron and wedge shots. It also has a very, very soft feel, which we love.
Who It's For: All player types who want better performance from a line of balls that come in four different colors.
Specs: Three-piece construction in four colors: green, yellow, orange and pink; also available in a rainbow pack or yellow/orange.
volvikgolfusa.com | $32
Vista iv
Key Feature: Four-piece construction designed for Tour-level performance. This equates to big drives with minimal spin and greater spin on shorter shots. (Yes, it's possible to do, folks. That's what four layers are for.)
Who It's For: Golfers who want high-performance golf balls, with the added durability and color one would expect from Volvik golf balls.
Specs: 392-dimple design for a mid/high launch; Zirconium cover in four colors: green, yellow, orange and pink; also available in a rainbow pack or yellow/orange.
volvikgolfusa.com | $47
Wilson Staff
FG Tour and FG Tour X
Key Feature: The new FG Tour and Tour X both feature a three-piece construction with Urethane covers for Tour-like performance. The Tour X model is slightly firmer than the regular FG Tour for lower-spinning ballflight.
Who It's For: Wilson has been around for a long time, and it looks like they're finally gaining traction back here in the U.S. Better players will love 'em. Big hitters will like the X.
Specs: Three-piece, Urethane cover.
wilsonstaff.com | $39


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