2013 Buyer's Guide Accessories

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The Matzie Assist has been around a long time, and, yes, it still works as well as it did many years ago. The bend shaft, corrective grip and oversized head weight combine to teach golfers to release the hands and clubs more effectively. Other than that, the Matzie is also a great tool for getting loose and keeping your golf muscles toned.
matzie.com | $79

One of the most overlooked aspects of the golf swing is the pivot. And it's the one thing that, if corrected, can make a huge impact on your game in terms of power and consistency. The PivotPro helps you feel what a perfect pivot should feel like, as well as trains you to pivot your body as you swing. Simply hook your right foot in, and start swinging. We've tried it, and it works wonders. And it helps us not only perfect our pivot, but avoid swaying and sliding too much during the swing.
pivotpro.net | $79

One of the most overlooked aspects of the golf swing is the right arm (left arm for lefties) during the golf swing. How you hinge and position your arm is critical if you want to stay on the proper plane and have a repeatable, powerful golf swing. This is where The Right Angle 2 steps in. Designed to fit around your right arm (it works on the left arm, too, for left-handers), The Right Angle 2 helps you position your right arm perfectly during the swing. The resulting effect is a perfect 90-degree angle at the top of your swing and a correct unhinging motion through the downswing. The auditory clicker feature is a cool one, using sound to let you know when you're in or out of position.
golfaroundtheworld.com | $49

We prefer to keep things simple when using our training aids. The PowerMeter does what the name implies—it helps you instantly meter and record your clubhead speed. Using it is a cinch, and it's especially useful if you're a player who tends to muscle the ball, which sometimes actually results in a slower swingspeed than if you allow the clubhead to load and release properly. That is, better mechanics always trump bigger muscles (well, almost always).
medicus.com | $129

If you're looking for instant feedback on the practice green and you want to have a lot of fun doing it, The Pill is just what you're looking for. Designed using a real golf ball that's cut on two sides, The Pill lends feedback on well-struck putts (it will roll straight), as well as feedback on poorly struck putts (it will veer aggressively offline). Use two at once for double the feedback!
thepillgolf.com | $12.95


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