2013 Buyer's Guide Accessories

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There aren't many of these, so add this one to the small list of training aids that double as actual clubs, or vice versa. The Dead Aim Putter uses a series of alignment aids (permanent) and a removable laser and/or clip for perfecting your impact (both are optional, but you should get 'em) to help golfers dial in the perfect alignment, head position and putting stroke. Genius, if you ask us. It's also a really nice-looking putter, with a solid, stable feel and a smooth end-over-end roll. Now, if only we could find a way to use a laser on the other 13 clubs in the golf bag.
deadaimputters.com | $149-$189

When it comes to playing your best golf, if you can't grip the club properly, your chances of ever playing well greatly diminish. If you need a device that will help you feel how the club should come in contact with palms and fingers, the Grip Solid is just the ticket. It not only helps you correctly position the grip in your hands, but it also neutralizes unwanted tension and the classic "death grip." It took a little getting used to, but the product really worked; those palmy, weak grips we had on the club were a thing of the past.
gripsolid.com | $19.95

Do you need to keep your golf game in check during the off-season, at night or, frankly, anytime you want? The OptiShot is an affordable golf simulator that we absolutely love. It's a cinch to use as a tool to get better at home.
dancingdogg.com | $399

The Orange Whip isn't new, but it's still our top pick for helping to improve tempo, balance and rhythm. It doubles as the perfect tool to loosen up before a round, too. There are also several drills and training exercises you can do with it. Add the Orange Peel—which, granted, doesn't have the portability of the Orange Whip, but is a great product nonetheless—and you have the total package. The Orange Peel is a device you stand on to help you better your swing, "alter your swing plane and improve your balance." Both training aids, either together or separately, are among the most effective training aids we've tried in a long while.
orangewhiptrainer.com | $109 & $209

Obstructive training aids (the kind that get in the way and immediately let you know if you're doing something wrong) are some of the most effective tools you can use to improve your game. The Benderstik by Mike Bender, PGA, does just that and a whole lot more. It can be used to help correct a handful of swing flaws such as the chicken wing, excessive head movement and more. The Benderstik can be configured to help out just about every part of your game.
benderstik.com | $99


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