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Who says the game is played with just clubs and balls?

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What looks like an oversized belt is actually a training aid called the Synchronizer. Simply wear it around your waist, and it will help you time your swing and get in sync by training you to start your backswing and properly transition into your downswing. This simple, innovative trainer actually makes you sync your arms, shoulders, hips and legs so you can effortlessly transform your swing into its most efficient and effective form. Comes in four sizes and with an instructional DVD.
syncyourswing.com | $40

Pro Mental CoachVEX
You've heard it before. Golf is 90% mental. So if your brain is such an important asset, why do so many golfers not know how to use it? That question has nagged sports psychologists for years. Now there's a way for you to sharpen your golf brain at home. The training system called Pro Mental Coach, which runs on your computer, will stimulate your brain with "exergames." After taking a 30-minute assessment test, users train three times a week for 20 minutes at a time, so they can get in the zone, recover quickly and boost mental endurance.
promentalcoach.com | $40

Gripping the club too hard produces lots of tension in the golf swing. As instructors have long advised, golfers should hold the club like a little bird—strong enough that it doesn't fly away, but light enough that they don't crush it. The makers of the new LeviTee glove address that by placing foam pads in between each finger, which reduces a golfer's grip pressure by 30% and helps them avoid the death grip.
gettheglove.com | $20

Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel
At first sight, Eyeline Golf's Ball of Steel may look like a red rubber ball, but pick it up and you'll realize it's anything but. Weighing five times more than a regular golf ball, the Ball of Steel is a putting training aid built to help you accelerate through the ball. Because it's so heavy, there's no way you can advance it without giving it a good knock. We loved how, after returning to a regular ball, we accelerated through the stroke. We'll probably never leave another putt short again. (For six-foot putts or less only.)
eyelinegolf.com | $30/3

The Orange Whip
The Orange Whip aims to sharpen your swing rhythm and tempo, improve your balance, increase your clubhead speed and develop lag and load. After practicing with it each day, you'll find strength and flexibility in your golf swing.
orangewhiptrainer.com | $109


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