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Key Feature: Titleist has implemented something they call LSX core technology to produce the fastest solid core of any of the company's balls.
Who It's For: Distance seekers will benefit because of the fast core and aerodynamic dimple pattern. Oh, and has the Fila acquisition changed the game's most conservative brand? Golfers can buy the Velocity numbered in double-digits, in orange, nonetheless!
Specs: 332 icosahedral pattern and nonurethane cover. All-white, but the numbers are in orange. Sweet!
titleist.com | $27
Wilson Staff
Key Feature: Wilson claims the Duo is the longest ball they've ever made. And the softest on the market. How'd they do it? A 40-compression, ionomer cover that's only two pieces. That produces big drives and shots that spin like nuts around the greens. Well, not nuts, but you know.
Who It's For: Golfers who crave big distance off the tee and a ball that's not going to bankrupt you. While it's long off the tee, the Duo is supersoft around the greens.
Specs: 40-compression, two-piece, ionomer cover.
wilsonstaff.com | $18
Zero Friction
ZF Distance
Key Feature: Made for sheer distance with a soft feel, the ZF Distance is a two-piece design that's made of 100 percent renewable resources. Another bonus is the four ZFT System 3-prong tees the company includes in each 12-pack. These durable balls flew far and came in a consumer-friendly price.
Who It's For: Value-minded golfers looking for a golf ball that flies high and far without the rock-like feel.
Specs: Two-piece construction with a Surlyn cover and a 312-dimple pattern.
zerofriction.com | $19

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