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By Jeff Johnson, PGA

How much of a descending blow do you need? Now that you know you need to clip the ball first before you make contact with the ground, how steep should you be?

To get started, try the tee-flip drill. Take a tee, and place it in front of the ball (toward the target). Push it into the ground so it's snug and does not pop out too easily. From this position, make a swing! If you execute the proper downswing, you not only should hit the tee, but also be able to pop the tee out of the ground.

Practice this drill anytime you feel as though you're hitting it too fat or too thin. You'll quickly be on your way toward making crisper contact.

2012 is a year of surprises. Conservative Titleist has debuted a colored ball with high numbers, Bridgestone has tweaked its Dual Dimple Technology, and TaylorMade has reinvented the Penta into a three-piece version. But what we like the most is how affordable urethane-covered balls have gotten. This year, you can play great balls and not worry about losing one. Okay, you can still worry about losing one.

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Key Feature: The new B330 features a larger core and softer cover, not to mention Dual Dimple Technology, which offers superior aerodynamics and enhanced performance in the wind.
Who It's For: Pro swinging golfers with speeds over 105 mph. Players who like to bust shots through the wind.
Specs: 330 Dual Dimple Technology, urethane cover, dual-mantle design for reduced spin and higher launch with driver and irons.
bridgestonegolf.com | $45
Key Feature: New for 2012 is Dual Dimple Technology, a larger core and a softer cover than the previous B330-S model. The Dual Dimple cover has optimized its aerodynamics and results in greater overall distance and more consistency in the wind. Its dual-mantle construction will fuel 105+ mph swing speeds with more distance and better wind piercing.
Who It's For: Better players who swing faster than 105 mph and crave Tour-quality spin on their approach shots.
Specs: Four-piece, urethane cover, 330 dual dimples.
bridgestonegolf.com | $45
Key Feature: Boasting a softer urethane cover than its B330 cousin, this ball was engineered for swing speeds that measure under 105 mph.
Who It's For: Spin and distance junkies. Its soft core results in longer, straighter shots, and its reengineered mantle reduces spin for greater accuracy off the tee and with long irons. Like extra greenside spin control? The B330-RXS has you covered.
Specs: Three-piece, urethane cover, 330 Dual Dimple Technology. Check out the RX for a slight difference.
bridgestonegolf.com | $45

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