2011 Buyer's Guide Grips

The grip is the most important part of the golf club

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Fatso Lite
Key Feature: Weighing in at 85 grams, the SuperStroke Fatso Lite is the biggest and lightest of its kind in terms of weight-to-size ratio, helping it to become the largest putter grip used on the PGA Tour.
What We Like: The large surface area brings more of the grip into contact with the hands, inhibiting breakdown of the hands and wrists.
Who It’s For: The Super Stroke’s size encourages use of a “soft hands” technique and ensures a smooth and fluid putting stroke.
Material: Multimaterial
Design: Nontapered
Size: Oversized
Pressure Zone
Key Feature: Designed to reduce pressure in the lower hand for straighter and longer shots. How? With Modified Taper Tech that blends a traditionally shaped top half of the grip with a slightly larger parallel bottom half of the grip.
What We Like: New ideas. Also, we dig the 40-gram lightness.
Who It’s For: Those who want the hands to work more in unison and who want better comfort in the lower hand.
Material: Proprietary
synthetic material
Design: Velvet
Size: Standard
Key Feature: Equipped with negative ions and a tacky, velvet surface, the new Itomic it2 and it2 MID (it2 MID shown) are made of a blend of thermoforming materials that are durable and hold up well in tough weather. They’re also a cinch to keep clean.
What We Like: The negative ions are supposed to help relax the hands. We say, why not give it a try?
Who It’s For: All types of golfers, especially those who need to relax more.
Material: Proprietary compound
Design: Velvet
Size: Standard, midsized

UST Mamiya
Comp DV
Key Feature: An aggressive, dual-compound pattern that not only helps to add traction, but also works to help line up the fingers on the grip.
What We Like: There are a lot of textures going on, all carefully designed for different parts of the hands. Plus, it just looks plain cool, especially in white.
Who It’s For: All types of players, especially fans of UST Mamiya graphite shafts.
Material: Dual compound
Design: Textured
Size: Standard
UST Mamiya
Pro DV
Key Feature: Made with a firm feel, this grip has a dual-compound top for feel and a corded underside for added firmness and traction.
What We Like: Again, sharp looks. We really like the half-cord design, it makes gripping the club a lot easier.
Who It’s For: Golfers who desire a firmer feel, but who still like a little softness on the top.
Material: Dual-compound half-cord
Design: Half-cord
Size: Standard
WinnLite Firm
Key Feature: By making this grip lightweight, the club’s center of balance moves away from the hands, resulting in a higher launch angle upon impact. That’s awesome.
What We Like: Granted, it absorbs a lot of vibration, but does so without deadening the feel. And the corded design isn’t abrasive like other corded materials sometimes are.
Who It’s For: Typically, faster swingers prefer firmer, corded grips.
Material: Proprietary V17-PolyCord material
Design: WinnLite velvet corded
Size: Standard, midsized


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