2011 Buyer's Guide Grips

The grip is the most important part of the golf club

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Probably the most unsung and underrated component, the grip is actually the most important feature of any club. If you don’t have a good grip, no matter how well a club is designed, or how well you swing, you won’t get the results you’re hoping for. In 2011, there are several new grips that feature multimaterials, dual compounds and so on, each designed with specific needs in mind. Want shock absorption? How about a firmer, more weather-friendly texture? It’s all here in 2011. Take a look at some of our favorites and choose the right grips for not just your woods and irons, but your putter too.

Black Widow
Tour Silk
Key Feature: Designed with an aggressive pattern with inspiration from Softspikes spikes, the Tour Silk is a firmer more responsive grip with ample tackiness.
What We Like: Great looks in both all white or all black, and a firmer feel, which better players will appreciate.
Who It’s For: Better players who want comfort and more feeling in their grips.
Material: Rubber
Design: Textured velvet
Size: Standard, ribbed
Black Widow
Widow Maker
Key Feature: The dual-compound Widow Maker has a lower half like the Tour Silk, but an upper half with corded traction for enhanced gripping power.
What We Like: It’s an awesome all-weather grip, and the corded section practically glues itself to a golf glove.
Who It’s For: Good to better players who want a responsive grip and who aren’t afraid of
playing in the rain.
Material: Dual compound
Design: Semi-corded
Size: Standard
Black Widow
Signature II
Key Feature: Web Traction Technology that delivers exceptional gripping power.
What We Like: Have you ever seen a cooler-looking grip? We haven’t. The soft compound also feels fantastic.
Who It’s For: All player types who want a grip that looks gnarly, has a medium firm feel and holds up in the rain.
Material: Proprietary compound
Design: Round, ribbed
Size: Standard


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