2011 Buyer's Guide Balls

There's a golf ball for every type of player

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Ultimate Straight XS
Key Feature: An asymmetrical dimple pattern that produces preferred spin that functions as a gyroscope. These golf balls are self-correcting.
What We Like: Polara says that these nonconforming balls will eliminate your hook and slice by up to 75 percent, and they're right! When we tried them we didn't miss a fairway.
Who It's For: Just the thing for golfers who want to keep it in the short stuff more often. The XS is a three-piece ball with a softer cover, meaning it'll stop faster on the greens. It stopped on a dime.
Specs: Features an ionomer cover, 386 dimples and a polybutadiene core.
polaragolf.com | $40/dozen
Trispeed Tour
Key Feature: This three-piece distance ball has a soft midlayer that works with a large, resilient core to produce a low-spinning, high-launch angle. (Comes in yellow, too.)
What We Like: It produces plenty of distance, and, because of the spin reduction that makes the ball fly straighter, you'll hit more fairways.
Who It's For: Mid- to low-handicappers with swing speeds under 100 mph. Golfers who like to make a bold statement on the course.
Specs: Three-piece distance ball with Energetic Gradient Growth core, and soft ionomer cover, bearing 324 dimples.
srixon.com | $30/dozen
Key Feature: Its proprietary urethane cover is supersoft, so you get added spin control without sacrificing distance.
What We Like: It pierces through the wind—thanks to its core and aerodynamic dimple design—so more shots go where you aim them. Easy to stop on approach shots, but doesn't spin much off the tee. That equals big drives.
Who It's For: Players who want Tour-level
performance from their golf ball.
Specs: Three-piece ball with new urethane cover, bearing 324 dimples, available in pure white and Tour yellow.
srixon.com | $45/dozen

Z-Star XV
Key Feature: The dual Energetic Gradient Growth core provides distance, while maintaining low spin to optimize driver performance.
What We Like: It feels soft at impact, yet has plenty of energy. And it's really durable. Hard to believe, but it went farther than the Z-Star.
Who It's For: Golfers wanting a premium
distance ball. Folks who aren't afraid to put a
yellow ball in play.
Specs: Four-piece ball with thin and soft urethane cover, bearing 324 dimples, and dual Energetic Gradient Growth core, available in pure white and Tour yellow.
srixon.com | $45/dozen
Key Feature: Its REACT core is high-energy and low-compression, while the Iothane 58D cover is soft, resilient, durable and shear-resistant.
What We Like: It's designed to maximize distance and feel, through a high launch and long carry. That equals one thing: big drives. We were surprised at how soft it felt for a two-piece.
Who It's For: Distance seekers who like to hit it high but don't want to spend a fortune for a dozen new balls. Not a ton of spin, but they make up for it with a higher trajectory.
Specs: Two-piece ball with Iothane 58D cover bearing 342 LDP dimple pattern, and REACT core.
taylormadegolf.com | $20/dozen
Key Feature: Five layers of performance! Spin, feel, control, launch and distance each gets its own layer, in that order.
What We Like: A ball that does it all. They feel soft around the greens, and firmer off the tee. That also means more spin when you need it and less when you don't. They're among the longest Tour-level golf balls we've ever tried, and they spin like the devil on short shots.
Who It's For: Tour players, and well, everybody else who wants five layers.
Specs: Multilayer construction with a
taylormadegolf.com | $42/dozen


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