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Golf equipment isn't just clubs and balls

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Speed Whoosh
One of items that made the most, um, noise at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day was Momentus Golf's Speed Whoosh, a training aid that promises to increase one's swing speed by 7-10 mph. While it weighs the same as a typical driver, its flexible shaft allows you to swing it more than 20 mph faster than your normal big stick. Swing it just six times, and you'll notice that distance gain, says the company. What's most helpful though is the "whoosh" sound it makes in the impact zone (when swung correctly). That gives you the right feedback so you can make solid contact again and again.
momentusgolf.com | $70
PSP Golf
The Little One
Oversized clubheads have been the rage for years, and for good reason—they're incredibly forgiving. But maybe they're too forgiving. Hitting the ball off the heel or toe isn't nearly as punishing as it was 10 years ago. Still, those shots don't go nearly as far as ones that are hit on the sweet spot. If you struggle to make consistent, flush contact, consider PSP Golf's The Little One. First introduced in 2000, the severely undersized 7-iron clubhead (it's the size of a standard club's sweet spot) is designed so you make solid contact every time.
pspgolf.net | $120
Vari-Break Putting Green
Missing too many putts from within 10 feet? SKLZ's new Vari-Break Putting Green should take care of that. You can replicate virtually every putt you'll ever have from within 10 feet: left to right, right to left, uphill, downhill, even double breakers. How? The Vari-Break comes with two foam wedges that you slip underneath its surface to change the green's break. Comes with a putt pocket that you can move from one side of the green to the other, to expand and shrink the amount of break by a few feet. A great idea.
sklz.com | $99

Sway too much during your swing? The PivotPro can help you stop. Simply clamp your foot into its wedge-like brace (much like a ski boot) and make a swing without bumping into its affixed aluminum rod. It's designed to help golfers turn their torso against their rear leg and their lead hip toward the target—two ingredients that generate a powerful pivot. Prevents casting and reverse pivots, too. Fits shoe sizes 7 to 14.
pivotpro.net | $89
Grip Solid
Wear marks prematurely destroying your golf glove? The Grip Solid seeks to remedy that and other grip issues you might have. The thin, flexible rubber strap fits over your golf glove and ensures that you'll hold the club in the proper position every time. Right-hand only.
gripsolid.com | $20
Dancin' Dogg
Want to play the world's best golf courses but don't want to pay or travel? Consider Dancin' Dogg Golf's OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator. The plug-and-play in-home game connects with Windows computers. Up to four players per round can compete by hitting real balls, foam balls or no ball at all. What we think you'll like the most though, is that you can accurately record your clubhead speed, face angle, swing path, distance, tempo, face contact and ballflight, too.
dancindogg.com | $399

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