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Golf equipment isn't just clubs and balls

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The 3-in-1 AG1 from Expresso functions as a golf GPS, portable media player (you can watch movies, view pictures and listen to music) and automotive GPS. Built to fit in a golf cart's cup holder, the touch-screen AG1 measures distances to any point on the hole, measures shots, and keep scores and statistics. Comes pre-loaded with all North American courses (USA & Canada). Also comes with a one-year warranty, built-in golf-cart mount and a car charger.
expressogps.com | $220
uPro mx
Callaway's sleek uPro mx is a handheld, touch-screen GPS unit that comes preloaded with 25,000 courses and a 2.2-inch, full-color LCD screen. Two thumbs up for borrowing the cool touch-screen "swipe" function found on iPhones and vertical/horizontal viewing option. Another bonus: aerial flyovers. Perfect for doglegs, blind shots and holes where you stand on the tee and go, "What in the world was this architect thinking?"
callawaygolf.com | $199
The big, colorful OnPar screen displays an aerial view of whichever course you play. Simply touch the hole you're on and start playing. The touch-screen option is a plus, even though it's sometimes hard to slide the OnPar's tiny measuring "ball" with your finger (this option measures distances to anywhere on the hole). What's best is there are no membership or course-mapping fees. Just buy the unit, sync it with your computer and play.
onpargps.com | $349

iPhone App
The Golfshot iPhone app can be used on 35,000 courses worldwide, is mapped in 11 languages, and features state-of-the-art statistics that can be e-mailed to the user and others in his or her group. The app also provides lay-up positioning based on players' clubs and their course. Keeps score for up to eight players, and features iPad HD support so you can analyze your stats at home.
golfshot.com | $30
Smartphone App
After a late-February upgrade, GolfLogix lowered its annual Championship Membership fee to $19.95 and announced that its free version now includes distances to greens. The app, which runs on 30 smartphones, including the iPhone, Blackberry and Droid, is the world's most downloaded golf app. Look for four-player scoring, pro-level tracking and aerials on the free version, too.
golflogix.com | FREE ($19.95/Championship Membership)
Izzo Golf
Swami 3000
Affordable and loaded with every golf course in North America. What could be better? Try no subscriptions or annual fees. Just charge the Swami 3000 and you're ready to play. While still Spartan (it only gives yardages to the front, middle and back of green), the 3000 is a major upgrade from the current Swami 1500 model, which held only 10 courses. That model now discounts for $69.
izzo.com | $99

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