2010 Buyer's Guide Grips

Your hands are the only connection you have with the club, so you must play with the right grips.

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Tiger Shark SuperStroke Lite Fatso
Key Feature: Bigger and lighter, the SS Lite Fatso is loaded with a ton of tech. It has a new slip-on design for easier installs and a patented no-taper design for greater control. Also, the multicompound material is both tacky and durable.
What We Like: At 85 grams, it feels even lighter, considering how big it is. Also, we love how our hands feel so relaxed around the grip!
Who It’s For: Golfers who want a new putting feel and/or who struggle with the putting yips.
Material: Multimaterial
Design: Flat-sided round
Size: Oversized
Weight: Lightweight
Winn WinnLite Soft
Key Feature: Like the other WinnLite grips that push the balance point of the club lower for a higher launch, this grip has the softest grip feel of the bunch.
What We Like: Winn found a way to make a lightweight, soft, shock-absorbing grip that doesn’t twist in the hands. It stays snug and secure. What’s not to like about a grip like that?
Who It’s For: Golfers who want a soft, secure grip that’s both light and excellent for absorbing unwanted shock.
Material: V17-Soft
Design: WinnLite
Size: Std., Midsized
Weight: Lightweight

Winn WinnLite Firm
Key Feature: Designed to not only be light, but also help increase launch angles.
What We Like: The innovative PolyCord material feels amazing. And at a paltry 27 grams, the balance point of the club is pushed lower for a higher launch. We dig that.
Who It’s For: Golfers looking for more distance and a higher launch angle. There are three firmness levels for discerning players: Soft, Medium and Firm.
Material: Winn PolyCord, V17 (Medium/Soft)
Design: WinnLite
Size: Std., Midsized
Weight: Lightweight
Winn Xi7
Key Feature: The Xi7 has added strength and minimal torque for faster swingers, as well as an aggressive pattern for improved feel, control and water wicking.
What We Like: The Xi7 is a firm grip that better players will appreciate, but it’s not so firm that the average player won’t like it, too.
Who It’s For: Designed for players with faster swings, but don’t let that deter you.
Material: Proprietary synthetic
Design: Scottish Dry Series, X-Cross Series
Size: Std., Midsized, Oversized
Weight: Std.


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