2010 Buyer's Guide Grips

Your hands are the only connection you have with the club, so you must play with the right grips.

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Tacki Mac Itomic
Key Feature: Made of a unique, proprietary material, the Itomic grips are both tacky and remarkably durable.
What We Like: With the name “Tacki,” you pretty much already know these grips are going to be good. We’re also big fans of grips that hold up to weather and abrasion, as these grips prove to be among the most long-lasting we’ve seen. Nice colors are available, too.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want great performance and durability.
Material: Proprietary compound
Design: Wrap, Velvet
Size: Midsized, Oversized
Weight: Std.
Tiger Shark SuperStroke Slim
Key Feature: A midsized version of the SuperStroke Fatso, the Slim also isheavier at 125 grams. It’s still a big grip though, with the same nontaper design and new slip-on technology.
What We Like: A more manageable oversized grip. We especially liked how it made our hands feel relaxed without having to worry about making big adjustments to our regular grip position.
Who It’s For: Those still on the fence who want to try a bigger grip. Also, golfers with smaller hands.
Material: Multimaterial
Design: Flat-sided round
Size: Mid-Oversized
Weight: Std.

Tiger Shark Ultra-Tac Jumbo
Key Feature: The oversized Jumbo grip from Tiger Shark features Ultra-Tac material. Its increase in size offers supreme cushioning and feel. As for the circumference, it helps the hands relax better and fit more evenly on the grip.
What We Like: The feel and shape make us wonder why oversized grips aren’t found on more putters. It’s so easy to putt with ‘em.
Who It’s For: All golfers, including those who want to battle the yips and handsy putting strokes.
Material: Ultra-Tac
Design: Oversized pistol
Size: Oversized
Weight: Heavy
Tiger Shark Pressure Zone
Key Feature: Designed to reduce pressure in the lower hand for straighter and longer shots. How? With Modified Taper Tech that blends a traditionally shaped top half of the grip with a slightly larger parallel bottom half of the grip.
What We Like: New ideas. Also, we dig the 40-gram lightness.
Who It’s For: Those who want the hands to work more in unison and who want better comfort in the lower hand.
Material: Proprietary synthetic material
Design: Velvet
Size: Std
Weight: Lightweight


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