2010 Buyer's Guide Grips

Your hands are the only connection you have with the club, so you must play with the right grips.

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Lamkin Crossline
Key Features: The classic Crossline grip remains popular for good reason. Made with a proprietary rubber and with a distinctive pattern, the Crossline is durable, reliable and doesn’t twist in the hands.
What We Like: We’ve been fans of this grip since day one. Its firm feel makes it easy to grip the club with or without a club. They also hold up exceptionally to wet weather.
Who It’s For: All golfers who want a classic grip that has proven itself time and time again.
Material: Proprietary rubber
Design: Velvet
Size: Std., Midsized, Oversized
Weight: Std.
Macro Golf Macro Grip
Key Features: This putter grip is designed to help golfers with “the yips.” The reducing-oval shape (think of a paddle with a taper on one side) is best optimized with a split hand grip.
What We Like: If you use it properly, the hands and wrists are taken out of the putting stroke, making it a cinch to never “yip” your putts again. And yes, the unique shape is legal according to USGA rules.
Who It’s For: Do we really need to tell you? Yips no more!
Material: Rubber
Design: Reducing-oval putter
Size: Midsized, Oversized
Weight: Heavy

Pure Grips Pure Pro
Key Feature: They’re installed without using any grip tape, and also feature no parting lines and a consistent wall thickness for a “pure” grip.
What We Like: No sticky, messy, lumpy tape under the grip. This makes for a smooth feel. Also, we like how weather-resistant these grips are.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want to avoid the inconsistencies that using two-sided tape under the grip sometimes bring. (Tape can be used if desired.)
Material: Proprietary rubber
Design: Wrap, Velvet
Size: Std., Midsized
Weight: Std.
Sharpro Dual Performance
Key Feature: Using two different rubber compounds, the DP grip has softness in key areas and firmness in the fingers for added control. Also, the DP grip is available in corded models for those who want added firmness and all-weather capabilities.
What We Like: These grips seem to be extremely durable, which in our book, is a plus.
Who It’s For: All golfers, including those who like to add color to their bag. Multiple color options are available.
Material: Dual rubber
Design: Velvet (cord)
Size: Oversized
Weight: Std.


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