2010 Buyer's Guide Grips

Your hands are the only connection you have with the club, so you must play with the right grips.

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Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G
Key Features: A classic grip made anew with a softer rubber that’s also more tacky than before.
What We Like: The sweet new red and white colors! Also, we didn’t think there was much room to improve on the feel and performance of the original Tour Wrap, but Golf Pride proved us wrong. These grips are excellent and hold
up beautifully to rain and perspiration.
Who It’s For: Everyone who liked the original Tour Wrap and who wants to add a dash of color to their set.
Material: Rubber
Design: Wrap
Size: Small, Std., Midsized
Weight: Std.
Lamkin N-DUR
Key Features: Using a synthetic rubber compound, the N-DUR has a tacky, hexagonal design pattern on the underside of the grip for added gripping support where the fingers take hold. The top is softer for more hand comfort and less fatigue.
What We Like: White is the new black in 2010. However, these grips also feel great, and the colored section feels tacky and supportive. Multiple colors (on the backside) are available.
Who It’s For: All Players
Material: Synthetic rubber
Design: Velvet
Size: Std.
Weight: Std.

Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN
Key Features: The 3GEN material is designed to absorb vibration better than any grip, as well as feel soft and tacky. More weather resistant, too!
What We Like: Everything! The all-white look, the soft yet tacky feeling and the way they absorb vibration. We also dig the fact that these grips have a low torque rating, meaning they resist twisting during the swing.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want to absorb a ton of shock and who want a great feel, to boot.
Material: Proprietary rubber
Design: Velvet
Size: Std.
Weight: Std.
Lamkin 2TEN Mega Lite
Key Features: Sporting a super-jumbo size without the weight (86 grams), this grip is designed to limit excessive wrist movements to help smoothe out herky-jerky putting strokes.
What We Like: It’s huge, but not heavy. Also, the red/blue colors and the stitching is awesome. And of course, it feels amazing in our hands.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want a quick way to fix their putting stroke and, hopefully, help cure the yips! Standard and midsized versions are also available.)
Material: Proprietary compound
Design: Velvet
Size: Oversized
Weight: Std.


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