2010 Buyer's Guide Balls

Golf balls are a lot like shoes. If one doesn’t fit your game, it can make for a very uncomfortable round.

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Srixon AD333
Key Feature: Revamped for 2010, the AD333 has a thinner cover for more ball speed, a higher launch and more spin on short shots.
What We Like: For a two-piece golf ball, the AD333 is extremely long and fast. It also has a great, soft feel.
Who It’s For: Amateurs with average swing speeds who want the added distance that comes from a higher launch angle and a faster ball speed.
Specs: Two-piece design, with a Rabalon and Pana-Tetra cover and a 333-dimple pattern.
srixon.com | $19/doz.
Srixon Z-Star
Key Feature: Ultrathin urethane cover technology and Energetic Gradient Growth (EGG) core technology offer a combination of distance, spin and greenside control.
What We Like: Srixon always has manufactured outstanding golf balls, but they weren’t always easy to find. Now Srixon has top-quality products available just about anywhere.
Who It’s For: Players who want Tour-level performance from their golf ball.
Specs: Injection-molded urethane cover and EGG core.
srixon.com | $40/doz.
Taylormade Penta
Key Feature: Five layers of performance! Spin, feel, control, launch and distance each gets its own layer, in that order.
What We Like: A ball that does it all. They feel soft around the greens, and firmer off the tee. That also means more spin when you need it and less where you don’t. They’re among the longest Tour-level golf balls we’ve ever tried, and they spin like the devil on short shots.
Who It’s For: Tour players, and well, everybody else who wants five layers.
Specs: Multilayer construction with a urethane cover.
taylormadegolf.com | $42/doz.

Titleist NXT Tour
Key Feature: A multilayer design with a dual core that allows greater spin on shorter shots and less spin and more distance on longer shots.
What We Like: The NXT Tour is as close to a urethane ball as you can get without being one. Spin is surprisingly good from around the green.
Who It’s For: Any golfer who wants a high-performance golf ball but doesn’t want to shell out more than 40 bucks.
Specs: Three-piece construction with Fusablend cover material, icosahedral 392-dimple design.
titleist.com | $30/doz.
Titleist Pro V1
Key Feature: Titleist’s renowned urethane elastomer cover and multilayer construction that provide the ultimate combination of distance, feel and playability.
What We Like: The new, larger core for even longer distance. Improved durability seems impossible, but is an impressive accomplishment.
Who It’s For:
Any player who wants outstanding feel, distance and durability.
Specs: Urethane elastomer cover, three-piece multilayer construction, 392 multidimple design.
titleist.com | $46/doz.
Titleist Pro V1x
Key Feature: Unique four-piece, dual-core design and Titleist’s urethane elastomer cover make the “X” the choice of many of the faster-swinging players in the world.
What We Like: The fact that the Pro V1x is a truly unique model that features a different construction and provides different performance than the Pro V1.
Who It’s For: Anyone; but best for faster swingers who want a Tour-quality ball.
Specs: Urethane elastomer cover, four-piece, dual-core construction, 332 multidimple design.
titleist.com | $46/doz.


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