2010 Buyer's Guide Balls

Golf balls are a lot like shoes. If one doesn’t fit your game, it can make for a very uncomfortable round.

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Callaway Tour i(S) and i(Z)
Key Feature: Dual-Core construction. The i(S) is softer for greater control, whereas the i(Z) is slightly firmer for greater distance off the tee. Both have four-piece construction with urethane covers.
What We Like: The i(Z) is awesome. We dig how long it is, and yet how responsive it is around the greens. The i(S) is good too, albeit a lot softer.
Who It’s For: Better players who want either a softer, higher-spinning Tour ball or a firmer, longer-flying Tour ball.
Specs: Four-piece construction with HEX 332 dimples and a urethane cover.
callawaygolf.com | $42/doz.
Callaway HX Bite
Key Feature: A new three-piece construction designed for the optimal blend of distance, spin and durability.
What We Like: We consider the HX Bite to be a distance ball, but with the added benefits of more spin with mid- to short-iron shots. Off the tee, they felt and flew almost exactly as the Tour balls do. They have a pleasant soft feel, too.
Who It’s For:
Those who want to play a three-piece ball built for big distance and some added spin around the green.
Specs: Three-piece design with an ionomer cover and HEX dimple design.
callawaygolf.com | $28/doz.
Dixon Earth
Key Feature: The world’s first eco-friendly golf ball made of recyclable material, the Earth also is a venerable distance ball with exceptional durability. All full shots feel soft and fly with a long and high trajectory.
What We Like: It’s cool that they’re recyclable, but it’s the slick graphics and solid playability that we like most.
Who It’s For: Eco-concerned golfers who appreciate recyclable stuff.
Specs: Made of 100 percent recyclable material, and can be traded in for new ones at a discounted price.
dixongolf.com | $22/doz.

Nike Golf One Tour
Key Feature: Four-piece structure that includes two midlayers: one designed for maximizing all-around distance; the other for enhanced spin with scoring iron shots and enhanced feel.
What We Like: Exceptionally workable balls that spin like wheels around the green. Take dead aim, folks.
Who It’s For:Tiger Woods and golfers who want big-time playability from a top-of-the-line, premium golf ball.
Specs: Four-piece design with a soft and seamless urethane cover. 378-dimple pattern for an excellent ballflight.
nikegolf.com | $45/doz.
Nike Golf One Tour Vapor
Key Feature: Three-piece structure and a progressive density core that maximizes distance for average swing speeds. Ionomer-blend cover enhances both feel and durability.
What We Like: Spins and feels like a premium ball with full shots. Holy schnikes, these balls are long! 
Who It’s For: Players who want a solid performer off the tee without the urethane-cover price point.
Specs: Low compression, three-piece design with an ionomer-blend cover and seamless 336-dimple pattern.
nikegolf.com | $29/doz.
Pinnacle Platinum Feel
Key Feature: New soft, thin cover formulation and large, 1.595-inch core construction make the Platinum Feel the highest-performing golf ball to wear the Pinnacle name.
What We Like: A less expensive, two-piece golf ball with technology that offers solid all-around performance.
Who It’s For: Players wanting maximum distance while still enjoying a soft feel on short shots and those around the green. Anyone looking for a good value.
Specs: Two-piece construction with a Surlyn cover.
pinnaclegolf.com | $18/doz.


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