2008 Wood/Hybrid Buyer's Guide

What is the freshest category in golf? We think fairway woods and hybrids have benefitted from a ton of new technology, making them more playable and more useful than ever before.

Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax
Five different available lofts make it easy for golfers to consider replacing at least one long iron with a Bazooka GeoMax. The clubs feature a 20-gram sole weight, which adds weight deep and low, raising the club’s CG and MOI. Just the thing if you’re craving longer, higher shots. Slightly offset, the Bazooka GeoMax hybrid has a low-profile, wide-design head and Carpenter steel face, for maximum distance and carry.
Lofts: 17, 19, 22, 25, 28
touredge.com | $120
Tour Edge Exotics CB2
Should a hybrid be iron-like or wood-like? In this case, it’s the latter, as the Exotics CB2 packs a powerful punch. Equipped with the same technology found in Exotics fairway woods (a tita-nium cupface and steel body), the Exotics CB2 is billed as a hybrid that produces the distance of a fairway wood with the accuracy usually found in a hybrid. Either way, it’s a long and powerful tool from the tee or the fairway.
Lofts: 16, 19, 22, 25
touredge.com | $219
Wilson FYbrid
That’s FY as in “Fairway Wood” and brid as in “hybrid.” Wilson created a new hybrid that melds fairway woods with hybrids, so golfers wouldn’t get confused anymore by the multitude of club offerings, making it easier to achieve consistent distances with each club. The sole is specially designed to miminize turf drag and to help ensure clean contact on off-center surfaces.
Lofts: 15, 18, 19.5, 21, 24, 27
wilsonstaff.com | $150



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