2008 Wood/Hybrid Buyer's Guide

What is the freshest category in golf? We think fairway woods and hybrids have benefitted from a ton of new technology, making them more playable and more useful than ever before.

Taylormade Burner
Key Feature: With an amazingly high MOI, the Burner is a must-have if you need stability and distance from both the tee and fairway.
What We Like: The low-profile design helps golfers get the ball airborne, virtually eliminating thin shots. The TP version is a great choice for better players, and the Draw option is a great one for slicers.
Who It’s For: Those who want to hit it straight and far. End of story.
Clubhead: Stainless steel • Clubface: Same Custom Options: Yes • Lofts: 15, 18, 21 Shafts: RE*AX graphite (X, S, R); Dynamic Gold Lite steel (X, S, R)
taylormadegolf.com | $199-$249
Taylormade r7 CGB Max
Key Feature: A triangular head shape that features three adjustable weight screws (totaling 18 grams) for the utmost in perimeter weighting and MOI.
What We Like: The adjustable weighting can affect a golfer’s ballflight by a whopping 22 yards. Just the thing for slicers who want to hit a draw, or vice versa.
Who It’s For: People who can’t seem to get the ball airborne and need its high MOI properties; golfers who don’t mind its triangular shape.
Clubhead: Titanium • Clubface: Same • Lofts: 15, 18, 21 • Custom Options: Yes • Shafts: RE*AX SF 45 graphite (X, S, R)
taylormadegolf.com | $300
Titleist 906F4
Key Feature: A Titleist fairway wood for the rest of us? This club has a low profile, high MOI and exceptionally hot face, for a solid blend of both distance and forgiveness.
What We Like: The pear shape and low profile inspires more confidence, and we really like the boost in shot trajectory from the fairway.
Who It’s For: Better players who like their clubs square at setup; golfers who like its melding of tradition and technology.
Clubhead: Stainless steel • Clubface: 275 Carpenter steel • Lofts: 13.5, 15.5, 18.5 Custom Options: Yes • Shafts: Aldila VS Proto 80 (X, S, R); Graphite Design YS-6+ (X, S, R)
titleist.com | $200

Tour Edge Exotics XCG
Key Feature: Its titanium cupface. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference: faster ball speeds and an explosive launch. It’s a big 3-wood.
What We Like: How it’s put together. Its lightweight titanium crown and cupface are joined with a steel body, creating a low and deep CG. The ball gets airborne in a hurry as well.
Who It’s For: Better players who don’t mind the slightly open face at address and who wouldn’t mind a 3-wood that goes as far as most drivers.
Clubhead: Steel body, titanium crown Clubface: Titanium • Lofts: 13, 15, 16.5, 18, 21 Custom Options: Yes • Shafts: Aldila NV 65 (R, S, X)
touredge.com | $350


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