2008 Wood/Hybrid Buyer's Guide

What is the freshest category in golf? We think fairway woods and hybrids have benefitted from a ton of new technology, making them more playable and more useful than ever before.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS
Key Feature: The new HiBORE XLS is 24-percent bigger than the original HiBORE and also features a redesigned crown section with “stability foils” for enhanced alignment. The MOI of these fairway woods is also very high, making it a stable club from just about any kind of lie.
What We Like: It looks great, feels great and the two shaft options are, well, great.
Who It’s For: Every golfer who wants a club that lifts the ball off the ground in a hurry.
Clubhead: Stainless steel • Clubface: Same Lofts: 13, 15, 19, 22 • Custom Options: Yes Shafts: Fujikura Fit-On M (Gold: X, S, R, A) (Red: X, S, R)
clevelandgolf.com | $179
Cobra Speed LD
Key Feature: The extended profile from front to back means the CG is going to be placed low and deep, helping golfers get the highest trajectory possible.
What We Like: Each fairway wood has a draw bias, helping golfers not only hit it straighter, but farther as well. We like the several loft options.
Who It’s For: Players who tend to hit slices with their fairway woods but don’t want to resort to an offset design.
Clubhead: Stainless steel • Clubface: Same Lofts: 15.5, 17.5, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26 Custom Options: Yes • Shafts: Speed Pro LD graphite (S, R, A, L); Nippon steel (S, R)
cobragolf.com | $129
Hippo HEX2
Key Feature: The Hex2 fairway woods have a carbon crown that’s fused with a Maraging Steel clubface, all wrapped up in the HEX2’s unique hexagonal shape.
What We Like: The shape helps bolster the MOI, and even though it’s very different than any other fairway wood—we love the way it sets up.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want technology without the premium price.
Clubhead: Maraging steel, carbon • Clubface: Maraging steel • Lofts: 17, 21 • Custom Options: N/A • Shafts: Hippo CP4 proprietary graphite (S, R)
hippo-golf.com | $99

Key Feature: Using what KZG calls “Gravitational Force Technology,” the GF2 enables clubfitters to adjust among 49 different weight configurations.
What We Like: The stainless-steel body and sole are very strong, but the proprietary steel used in the clubface is what launches the ball at blazing speeds.
Who It’s For: All types of players who want to put the task of clubfitting in the hands of clubfitting professionals.
Clubhead: Stainless steel • Clubface: Same Lofts: 15, 19, 23 • Custom Options: Yes Shafts: KZG Novatech graphite (X, S, R, A, L)
kzgolf.com | Custom Order
Macgregor MT Fairway
Key Feature: Even though it’s a steel clubhead, the MT features a Cup Face design that creates an enormous sweetspot and added strength behind the ball at impact.
What We Like: The new direction MacGregor is taking in creating traditonal shapes designed for the discerning player. Also, the offset version is a good one for chronic slicers.
Who It’s For: Virtually all types of players who appreciate technology that’s hidden inside the clubhead.
Clubhead: Stainless steel • Clubface: Same Lofts: 13, 15, 16.5, 18 • Custom Options: Yes Shafts: MT proprietary graphite (X, S, R, A, L)
macgregorgolf.com | $199
Mizuno F-60
Key Feature: Mizuno’s “Perimeter Weight Slot.” This feature distributes weight deep and toward the perimeter, raising the club’s MOI and COR.
What We Like: Its ultra-lightweight titanium crown. That feature, plus the lineup’s stainless-steel body and Perimeter Weight Slot, ensures that the F-60 lineup provides a high launch and forgiving overall experience.
Who It’s For: Golfers who crave forgiveness in their clubs and prefer a more traditionally shaped clubhead.
Clubhead: Titanium • Clubface: Stainless steel Lofts: 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, 21 • Custom Options: Yes • Shafts: Exsar FS3 (S, R, A, L)
mizunousa.com | $200


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