2008 Ball Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right golf ball is just as important as choosing the right set of clubs. With the right ball, you can quickly add yards, hit it higher and optimize your ballspin on and around the greens.

Taylormade Burner TP
Key Feature: The new Low Drag Performance (LDP) dimple design arranges a variety of dimples in a pattern that maximized carry and distance on off-center hits and those that lack the optimal amount of spin.
What We Like: The super-soft core that helps provide distance for a wide variety of swing speeds, as well as the innovative LDP dimple design and iothane cover.
Who It’s For: Players that want Tour-like performance from a mid-priced golf ball.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Iothane 56 Dimple Design: 342 Low Drag Performance Distance: High • Spin: Med • Feel: Soft
taylormadegolf.com | $25/doz.
Taylormade TP Red/Black
Key Feature: The new Low Drag Performance (LDP) dimple design arranges a variety of dimples in a pattern that maximized carry and distance on off-center hits.
What We Like: The unique way TaylorMade engineers managed to maximize distance on off-center hits with a Tour-intended golf ball.
Who It’s For:Those who want a Tour-caliber golf ball. If you like the Pro V1, try the TP Red, if you like Pro V1x, try the TP Black.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Thermoset urethane • Dimple Design: 360 Low Drag Performance (LDP) • Distance: High • Spin: High (Red), Low (Black) • Feel: Soft
Black | $40/doz.
Titleist DT Carry/Roll
Key Feature: Each model has a unique dimple design engineered to provide specialized performance. The DT Carry features a pattern for high-lift performance, while the DT Roll features a pattern that promotes a lower trajectory.
What We Like: The return of the storied DT franchise with two new high-quality offerings.
Who It’s For: Value-minded players who need a specific type of trajectory in order to achieve maximum distance.
Construction: Two piece • Cover: Surlyn Dimple Design: 252 Icosahedral (Carry), 392 Icosahedral (Roll) • Distance: High • Spin: Med • Feel: Med
Roll | $22/doz.

Titleist NXT Tour
Key Feature: Multilayer dual-core design that allows for greater spin on shorter shots and less spin and more distance on longer shots.
What We Like: The NXT Tour has long been a less-expensive substitute for the Pro V1, and now it’s better than ever. The NXT Extreme is also available for those who put a higher premium on distance.
Who It’s For: Any golfer who wants a high-performance golf ball but doesn’t necessarily want to pay $40 or more for a dozen golf balls.
Construction: Multilayer (dual core) • Cover: Fusablend • Dimple Design: 392 Icosahedral Distance: High • Spin: Med Feel: Soft
titleist.com | $30/doz.
Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x
Key Feature: Titleist’s new staggered wave parting line for enhanced ballflight and A.I.M. side stamp for putting alignment. The Pro V1 features a three-piece multilayer design while the Pro V1x features a four-piece design.
What We Like: The most successful golf ball model of all time continues to improve.
Who It’s For: Players with higher swing speeds should try the Pro V1x. Any level of golfer can play the Pro V1 and get excellent performance.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Urethane elastomer • Dimple Design: 392 Icosahedral (Pro V1) 332, Icosahedral (Pro V1x) • Distance: High • Spin: High/Med • Feel: Soft
V1X | $45/doz.
Top Flite Gamer
Key Feature: Three-piece construction with DimpleinDimple aerodynamics that’s designed to help hold spin longer without ballooning and reduce drag for maximum overall distance.
What We Like: The legendary Top Flite name on a pretty darn good golf ball. The Gamer puts the “Top Rock” nickname in jeopardy due to the multilayer design.
Who It’s For: Any recreational golfer looking for a golf ball that provides solid performance at a really nice price.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Thin ionomer Dimple Design: DimpleinDimple Aerodynamics Distance: High • Spin: Med • Feel: Med
topflite.com | $20/doz.


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