2008 Ball Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right golf ball is just as important as choosing the right set of clubs. With the right ball, you can quickly add yards, hit it higher and optimize your ballspin on and around the greens.

Nike Golf Juice
Key Feature: The Juice ball is designed to serve as a distance ball, albeit slightly softer and without a harsh feel.
What We Like: Creative advertisements aside, the Juice has plenty of pop off the tee, as well as a pleasing, soft feel.
Who It’s For: Average players with moderate to slow swing speeds who can use a few yards of extra distance off the tee. Those who want a ball with an edgy image or who just like to see the swoosh on a golf ball.
Construction: Two-piece • Cover: Surlyn Dimple Design: Round (312) • Distance: High Spin: Moderate • Feel: Soft
nikegolf.com | $20/doz.
Nike Golf One Black
Key Feature: Progressive density core designed for improved feel and reduced spin for higher swing speed players. A power transfer layer that increases ballspeed on drives, fairway woods and long-iron shots.
What We Like: The higher-swing speed version of the One isn’t just the same design with a slightly different core or cover, it’s an entirely different golf ball.
Who It’s For: Those who currently like the Pro V1x should try the One Black.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Urethane Dimple Design: High-coverage 336 • Distance: High • Spin: High • Feel: Soft
nikegolf.com | $43/doz.
Nike Golf One Platinum
Key Feature: Four-piece design with two covers, a power transfer layer and a high-velocity core is engineered for higher spin performance on scoring shots and lower spin performance off the tee for greater carry distance.
What We Like: Nike taking their Tour ball seriously and pushing the envelope with innovative technology.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want a golf ball that can do it all or anyone who has a game like Tiger’s. Those who like the Pro V1.
Construction: 4-Piece • Cover: Injection molded urethane • Dimple Design: 378 Distance: Med • Spin: High • Feel: Soft
nikegolf.com | $43/doz.

Pinnacle Platinum Feel
Key Feature: New soft, thin cover formulation and large, 1.595-inch core construction make the Platinum Feel the most advanced and high-performing golf ball to wear the Pinnacle name.
What We Like: A less expensive, two-piece golf ball that has some technology and provides solid all-around performance.
Who It’s For: Players looking for maximum distance while still enjoying a relatively soft feel on short shots and those around the green. Anyone looking for a good value in golf balls.
Construction: Two-piece • Cover: Soft Ionomer Dimple Design: 332 Icosahedral • Distance: High • Spin: Med • Feel: Med
pinnaclegolf.com | $18/doz.
Srixon Trispeed
Key Feature: Rabalon HR blended ionomer used to create both the mid-layer and the thin cover helps produce extra ballspeed off all clubs in the bag. Proprietary Energetic Gradient Growth core for extra distance.
What We Like: Srixon’s dedication to new technology and quality.
Who It’s For: Players with average clubhead speed who want to hit the ball longer with every club in the bag, but also want a relatively soft feel. Anyone looking for a good value.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Rabalon HR blended • Dimple Design: High Trajectory 333 Distance: High • Spin: Low • Feel: Soft
infinitigolf.com | $25/doz.
Srixon Z-URS
Key Feature: Newly developed, highly resilient and thin ionomer boundary layer and highly resilient ultra-large-diameter Energetic Gradient Growth soft core.
What We Like: Its design and mirror finish are classy. The RSS was designed by two of the top designers in golf—and it shows.
Who It’s For: If you currently play the Pro V1, the Z-URS is worth a look. For those who like the Pro V1x, check out the Z-URC.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Urethane elastomer • Dimple Design: High trajectory 330 • Distance: High • Spin: High • Feel: Soft
srixon.com | $40/doz.


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