2008 Ball Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right golf ball is just as important as choosing the right set of clubs. With the right ball, you can quickly add yards, hit it higher and optimize your ballspin on and around the greens.


Bridgestone e5+
Key Feature: A two-piece construction with a Tour-quality urethane cover.
What We Like: A reasonably priced golf ball that features a Tour-caliber urethane cover; the all-around performance coupled with excellent durability and feel.
Who It’s For: Players who need some help creating enough spin to keep the ball in the air long enough to maximize carry distance. Anyone looking for a ball with a soft feel, good short-game performance and distance at a nice price.
Construction: Two-piece • Cover: Urethane Dimple Design: Seamless (330) • Distance: High • Spin: High • Feel: Soft
bridgestonegolf.com | $25/doz.
Bridgestone e6+
Key Feature: Multilayer construction featuring an anti-spin, extra velocity inner cover, soft gradational compression energy core and soft Surlyn cover. Low compression design made to provide soft feel and extra distance.
What We Like: An outstanding multilayer design made for the masses.
Who It’s For: Those looking for the advanced performance of a multilayer golf ball at the price of a two-piece. Anyone who wants a combination of distance and feel.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Soft Surlyn Dimple Design: Seamless (330) • Distance: High • Spin: Medium • Feel: Soft
bridgestonegolf.com | $25/doz.
Bridgestone B330/B330-S
Key Feature: Both the B330 and B330-S are designed to provide Tour-caliber performance from tee to green. Multilayer construction with seamless injection molded urethane cover provides outstanding consistency and durability.
What We Like: An all-around great performer that feels good and goes long. Seamless design provides confidence on the putting green.
Who It’s For: Pro V1 players should try the “S” model, while Pro V1x players should opt for the regular B-330.
Construction: Multilayer • Cover: Urethane Dimple Design: Seamless (330) • Distance: High • Spin: High • Feel: Soft
B330S | $40/doz.


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