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The latest and greatest irons from PING Golf

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When it comes to golf equipment innovations, PING has left an indelible mark during the last 40 years or so. From the dawn of the cast cavity-back, to the advent of the heel-toe weighted putter, many of the equipment innovations that exist today are only because the folks at PING Golf thought them up. And while many of their designs have been tinkered with, tweaked and morphed into different iterations by different companies, PING’s own brand has seen its fair share of advances, too. In fact, the latest batch of new irons from the company is, in our opinion, the best we’ve ever seen.

The standout feature of the new K15 irons is the titanium-face insert, which increases ball speed for longer hits both on and off the sweet spot. Furthermore, the K15 set comes equipped with at least two hybrid iron replacements (3H and 4H), but can also include a 5H and even a 6H mixed into the set. A smart move, considering most golfers these days would rather hit a streamlined hybrid than a clunky, oversized iron.

Bottom Line: This iron/hybrid combo set will cater to higher-handicappers who need an extra boost of forgiveness, trajectory and distance with all their shots.

More perimeter weighting equals more distance and forgiveness, two things that the G15 has over the previous G10 models. Now, that’s not as though the G10s weren’t forgiving. If anything, we can only deduct that G15s must be extraordinarily playable. We also dig the no-nonsense, classic shaping and size, which will no doubt appeal to the type of player who wants to maneuver the ball in the air from time to time.

Bottom Line: The G15 Irons are ideal for the player who wants a lot of forgiveness in an iron that has some shotmaking capabilities, as well. Mid- to high-handicappers are the target market here, and PING has hit the bull’s-eye.

Dubbed as a set for golfers who want control in their short irons and more forgiveness in the longer irons, the i15 represents the best in PING’s cast irons. The short irons have a higher center of grav-ity for more trajectory and distance control, as well as greater shotmaking capabilities. That said, they’re still uber-forgiving, a testament to the irons’ perimeter weighting. As for the mid to long irons, they’re also extremely forgiving, with a lower CG for more distance and accuracy.

Bottom Line: The i15s represent what PING has become famous for: a superb iron that’s durable and forgiving, and has just the right amount of forgiveness and control for the good player. The i15 finally proves that a forgiving iron and a shotmaking iron can in fact be the same club.


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