Irons Buyer's Guide 2007

Today's irons run the gamut from forged blades and multi-material game-improvement designs to entire sets of hollow-body hybrids

F2 F2 Series Plus Irons
(800) 476-0507 | $599

F2 Series Plus The popular, odd-shaped wedge line that’s virtually unshankable is proud to introduce a full line of irons.
Features: Like the wedges, the F2 Series Plus irons feature the company’s Face-Forward design, which effectively places the hosel away from the leading edge of the irons, thus making them a cinch to hit.
Advantages: The Face-Forward design not only eliminates shanked shots, but also is an effective means to prevent twisting from thick rough and in the sand. It’s also effective from tight lies too, as it seems just as easy to make contact.
Benefits: Geared toward the high-handicapper.
What We Like: The fun-to-hit factor
Lineup: F2 Series Plus
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Midsized
Clubs: 4-PW
Shafts: F2 Proprietary graphite (S, R) HiPPO XXL


(800) 204-2807 | $279

HiPPO XXL HiPPO does golfers a favor by replacing the hard-to-hit long irons with two hybrids.
Features: An Extreme Launch System design that employs a deep, full cavity that effectively lowers the CG for a higher and longer ballflight. The two XXL hybrids replace the 3- and 4-irons, helping golfers not only hit the ball higher than they would with a long iron, but also straighter.
Advantages: Mixed sets aren’t new, but having a couple of hybrids makes a difference.
Benefits: Mid- to high-handicappers who need an extra boost with hybrids and who prefer perimeter-weighted irons.
What We Like: The incredible price and HiPPO habit of providing outstanding value.
Lineup: HiPPO XXL
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast progressive set
Size: Midsized
Clubs: 3, 4 hybrid; 5-PW (no LH)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (S, R); HiPPO XXL graphite (S, R, A, L)
Infiniti 658
(800) 253-6370 | $399

Infiniti 658 Smooth looks and classic lines dominate the newest gem from Infiniti Golf.
Features: The 658 has minimal offset to attract better players and a 4-way cambered sole that affords supreme shotmaking versatility.
Advantages: The relatively shallow cavity-back design gives better players the opportunity to work the ball without compromising the needed forgiveness found in a traditional cavity-back platform. The extra weight on the lower region of the cavity aids in stability and in lowering the CG.
Benefits: Mid- to low-handicappers who want a classic, clean look from a cavity-back design.
What We Like: The looks of the 658 are refreshing, and the 4-way cambered sole really makes a difference when hitting off varied surfaces.
Lineup: 302, 422, 658, AW-3, Assure
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Midsized
Clubs: 3-LW (available LH)
Shafts: Custom shafts are available upon request
Innovex Type S
(866) 402-6097 | $276

Innovex Type S Designed to feel like a forged blade but perform with the strength of a cast cavity-back.
Features: The large, undercut cavity-channel elevates the MOI and lowers the CG, resulting in iron shots that fly high and straight. The enhanced perimeter weighting enlarges the hitting area on the clubface, for minimal loss of distance on off-center strikes and mis-hits.
Advantages: The two-way cambered sole lends exceptional shotmaking abilities from anywhere.
Benefits: Average players who want the forgiveness of a wide sole, a hefty cavity and progressive offset through the set.
What We Like: The looks are great, but its options, such as custom lie and loft configurations, really make the Type S a winner in our book.
Lineup: Type S
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Midsized
Clubs: 4-PW (available LH)
Shafts: FST Pro White steel (S, R); Custom graphite shafts are available
(800) 200-8800 | Custom Order

KZG Forged CB III A solid blend of forgiveness and playability from a top-notch oversized design.
Features: The CB III irons have moderate offset, a wide sole and a low CG to help get the ball airborne faster. The ample perimeter weighting ensures optimal forgiveness across an extended area of the clubface.
Advantages: Typically, an iron designed for forgiveness is cast, but not with the CB III. These irons have the forgiveness of castings, but the feel of a forged blade. Nice!
Benefits: Mid- to high-handicappers.
What We Like: KZG has been popular for die-hard clubfitters, and judging by the look and performance of the CB III, KZG’s success is destined to continue.
Lineup: OC-1, MC-II, PC III, Evolution, CB III, CB II, CB, Blades, ZO Blades
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Forged cavity-back
Size: Oversized
Clubs: 3-SW
Shafts: Complete shaft customization available
Louisville LG33
(800) 456-1631 | $749

Louisville LG33 From a company whose tradition is built on persimmon comes a beautiful new forged blade...or is it?
Features: Designed for the purist (who probably uses wooden woods), the LG33 irons combine the feel of a forged blade with the rugged performance of a cast cavity-back design.
Advantages: Better players will notice the forgiveness in the long irons, but will also revel in how versatile the short irons are when it comes to delicate shotmaking. The ballflight is a penetrating one, just like a what a pro would want, but not so low that the average player can’t benefit. 
Benefits: Moderate to skilled players.
What We Like: The LG33 had us fooled! We really thought these were forged, even though they’re not. 
Lineup: SMART, LCd.31, LG33
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Standard
Clubs: 3-LW
Shafts: True Temper steel (X, S, R, A, L); Louisville Golf graphite (X, S, R, A, L)


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