Irons Buyer's Guide 2006

If you've been delaying your purchase of new irons, we have but five words: "What are you waiting for?"

Shaft Options Shaft Options
The majority of new irons come stock with high-quality shafts, but they’re hardly the only option. If you’re up for a little experimentation, there are literally hundreds of exotic aftermarket iron shafts that can add varying performance benefits to your set of irons.

AccuFLEX Icon
AccuFLEX offers an iron version of its renowned Icon long driver shaft, made with the same A2 composite material.

Every shaft has a spine (its natural bend point). Accumade makes it a point to mark the spine and align along the target line to maximize performance. The company also sorts its shafts in accordance with their propensity to bend in that direction. It’s high-custom stuff that’s really catching on.

Aldila NV
After watching its graphite NV driver shaft skyrocket to instant fame, Aldila adopted the technology inherent in the NV design into a line of graphite iron shafts. Excellent.

Element 21
Eagle One Pro Scandium’s inherent properties produce great stability and a huge vibration-dampening effect.

Fujikura Speeder 717 & Vista Pro
While Fujikura’s aftermarket driver shaft models dominate, their high-quality graphite iron shafts have almost gone unnoticed. Renowned Fujikura craftsmanship and a variety of options to satisfy specific ballflight needs.

Grafalloy ProLaunch
Grafalloy’s ProLaunch made waves in the driver shaft market with its ability to produce specific trajectories for different golfers. The new ProLaunch iron shaft does the same.

Graphite Design GAT & YS-I
If you’re torn between graphite and steel in your irons, then check out the GAT (Graphite/Alloy Technology) iron shafts. Available in four weights, these multi-material shafts offer the great feel of graphite but with even less torque than steel. Also available is an iron version of GD’s excellent YS driver shafts.

Nippon N.S. Pro Series
The N.S. Pro Series from Nippon features a unique high-quality alloy that allows for lightweight yet extremely durable shafts. Weights range from 105 grams to a graphite-like 85 grams.


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