Irons Buyer's Guide 2006

If you've been delaying your purchase of new irons, we have but five words: "What are you waiting for?"


Cleveland Launcher LP
(800) 999-6263 | $500

Cleveland Launcher Cleveland’s Launcher iron was a major step forward in the game-improvement arena. The new LP version offers even more forgiveness and the ability to launch long irons high and long.
Features: The new LPs retain many of the features of the original Launcher, including a cavity that spans nearly the entire length of the clubface, a low and deep CG and an ultra-high MOI. The LPs differ in the low-profile head shape of the long irons.
Advantages: Extreme forgiveness, high-launch ability and less loss of distance on off-center hits.
Benefits: Those who desire a higher ballflight.
What We Like: The look—plenty of technological help, but a very classy profile.
Lineup: CG1, CG2, CG4 Tour, CG4, Launcher, Launcher LP, TA6
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Oversize 
Clubs: 3-PW, GW, SW (available LH) 
Shaft(s): Cleveland Action Lite steel (S, R, Al, L)

Cobra Inertia Series
(800) 917-3300 $560-$750 ($680-$875 graphite)

Cobra Inertia Regardless of whether you’re a man, woman or a senior golfer, or if you like to hit the ball extra-high, high or just medium-high, there’s an Inertia iron for you.
Features: A superior Sweet Zone, resulting in greater accuracy and distinct launch characteristics. Each iron has an inertia rating that relates to the degree of forgiveness and particular trajectory provided by each model.
Advantages: An undercut cavity allows for specific feel, forgiveness and launch characteristics.
Benefits: All golfers will find favor with the Inertia Series. Better players should opt for the I/M.
What We Like: The undercut cavity is filled with a urethane plug for great vibration absorption and feel.
Lineup: 2300 I/M, 3100 I/H (men’s, women’s, seniors), 3400 I/XH (men’s, women’s, seniors)
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Oversize 
Clubs: 1-PW, GW, SW, LW
Shaft(s): Nippon steel (X, S, R, A, L); GD YS-5.1 graphite (X, S, R, A, L)

Element 21 Eagle One LGL
(800) 710-2021 | $1,200

Element 21 Eagle One An aerospace-grade polymer insert bolsters the Eagle One LGL’s perimeter weighting and effectively lowers the CG. If you think the clubhead is cool, check out the shaft.
Features: E21’s breakthrough Scandium shaft, which is stronger and lighter than steel but more consistent and durable than graphite. Also, ShockBlok technology redirects vibration away from the hands into the golf ball for better distance and feel. 
Advantages: The lightweight Scandium shafts promise an increase in swing speed.
Benefits: Mid- to high-handicappers who want maximum distance with the weight advantages of graphite and the consistency and feel of steel.
What we Like: Scandium is new to golf, but we anticipate it will soon be a must-have alloy.
Lineup: E21 Eagle One LGL
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Midsize 
Clubs: 3-PW, SW (no  LH)
Shaft(s): E21 Scandium alloy (X, S, R, A, L)
Infiniti Assure
(800) 253-6370 | $349 (5-PW)

Infiniti Assure Designed for the player who wants game-improvement performance without the hunky looks. The Assure irons are flat-out easy to hit.
Features: The dual-stepped flange sole enables golfers to strike down on the ball while stabilizing the face from twisting for straighter, more accurate shots.
Advantages: The oversized clubface of the Assure iron is enlarged out toward the toe (where most mis-hits occur).
Benefits: Mid- to high-handicappers who prefer traditional looks at address but don’t want to sacrifice looks for game-improvement characteristics.
What We Like: The dual-flange sole prevents both thin shots and excessive digging. It’s hard to miss with that combination.
Lineup: AW-3, 422, Assure, 302
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Midsize
Clubs: 5-PW (available LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (S, R, A, L)

KZG OC-1/OCx-1
(800) 200-8800 | $479 ($579 graphite)

KZG OC-1 Custom-fit leader KZG is known for its forged blades and cavity-backs. Yet recently, the company is pushing high-quality game-improvement models. The OC-1 features a little of both worlds.
Features: A cast, stainless-steel cavity-back model that undergoes a special heat treatment process to soften the steel and create “the feel of forged.” Perimeter-weighted forgiveness doesn’t compromise the traditional feel and look.
Advantages: Great blend of playability and forgiveness with the added bonus of customization.
Benefits: The OC-1 is an iron for everyone.
What We Like: Options—if you like graphite shafts, opt for the heavier OCx-1 head.
Lineup: Blade, Evolution, Cavity Back, Cavity Back-II, Cavity Back-II-M, PC-III, OC-1, U-Irons
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Oversize
Clubs: 3-PW, GW, SW (no LH)
Shaft(s): KZG offers complete shaft customization in both graphite and steel

Louisville LCD.31
(800) 456-1631 | $499 ($599 graphite)

Louisville LCD 31 You may associate Louisville Golf with only persimmon woods, but the LCd.31 is an iron that will definitely change that perception.
Features: State-of-the-art game-improvement features, such as an undercut cavity, perimeter weighting, a wide sole and a low and deep CG.
Advantages: The no-nonsense game-improvement design works, and if you have difficulty launching the ball high, then the LCd.31s will help.
Benefits: Mid- to high-handicappers.
What We Like: This iron has the design features that translate into easier iron shots, yet it looks great at address. Plus, you can have your name stamped on the cavity for free!
Lineup: LCd.31, SMART System
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Midsize 
Clubs: 3-PW, GW, SW, LW (no LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (S, R, A, L); Louisville REM-Z graphite (X, S, R, A, L) 



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