Irons Buyer's Guide 2006

If you've been delaying your purchase of new irons, we have but five words: "What are you waiting for?"

Progressive Sets Progressive Sets
We like the idea of the progressive set, traditionally taking the shape of cavity-back long irons and blade-like short irons. But today’s progressives are far more advanced, with not only shape variances, but face thickness, CG location, blade length, material and shaft differences to truly enhance your performance with all eight irons.

short_hosel_1.jpgShort Hosels
Take a look at one of your old Hogan or Wilson sets. Now peruse the photos of the new irons in this guide. What you should instantly recognize is the difference in hosel length, which now runs universally shorter, especially in game-improvement irons. The short hosel (brought into current popularity by the likes of Callaway and PING) effectively lowers the CG (with less hosel mass above the club’s center) as well as provides for the distribution of saved weight to key spots on the perimeter, which greatly aids in increasing MOI and lessens the ill effects of a mis-hit.

Vibration Vibration Dampening
Feel is very important in iron play, and the last thing you want is the memory of that rocky feeling that occurs on a poor shot as you face a difficult approach. Enter a slew of vibration-reducing and shock-absorbing technologies in the clubhead, hosel and shaft. These typically take the shape of urethane-based inserts, but in some cases, the design and shape of the iron itself—as well as the material from which the iron is constructed—can direct vibration away from your hands to other areas of the clubhead. Amazing!

Advanced Sole Designs Advanced Sole Designs
Advanced bounce angles, specially shaped leading and trailing edges as well as wider sole widths all work to ensure crisper contact in a variety of turf conditions. Furthermore, the wider sole shape, common now in even players’ clubs, tends to lower the CG, which we know to be of great benefit in terms of helping golfers achieve the desired high-launch parameters.

Hybrid Irons









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