2013 Buyer's Guide Irons

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SE Irons
Key Feature: A dogleg hosel that virtually eliminates any possibility of shanking the ball off the hosel of the club. But that's not all it does. This unique design helps enhance the sweet spot and reduces drag in the rough or sand.
Who It's For: Golfers willing to try an anti-shank iron that may look radical from in the back, actually looks really nice and pleasing to the eye from the address position.
Wow Factor: Come on now. That crazy offset!
Specs: Available in 3-PW in Formosa/Femco steel or graphite shafts. (LH available)
f2golf.com | $499/$599
Key Feature: A low and deep, precisely located CG combines with a wide sole to maximize distance and enhance pure contact. A progressive sole design means the irons increase in length and the sole widens toward the long irons, to ease shot-making. A progressive swing weight complements the progressive sole design.
Who It's For: Fourteen is a precise company. These are for golfers with 80-98 mph clubhead speeds.
Wow Factor: Very easy to hit and well made. Spendy, though!
Specs: Available (4-PW) with NS 950GH HT steel shaft.
fourteengolf.com | $1,399
Hot Spot
Key Feature: A very forgiving and deeply perimeter-weighted club that also has a high-bounce sole to prevent digging too much into the turf. Add some progressive offset and you have a high-launching set of irons.
Who It's For: The perimeter weighting is suited for high-handicappers, but the inventive, narrow, high-bounce sole is a feature that even middle handicappers will enjoy.
Wow Factor: They're very, very, very forgiving.
Specs: Available in 4-SW in a variety of steel or graphite shaft options.
infinitigolf.com | $512
Key Feature: The brand bills these as its most-forgiving iron ever, thanks to a pocket cavity and extreme heel-toe weighting. A high COR and multi-thickness clubface translate to distance. Scientifically designed "Harmonic Impact Technology" yields solid impact sound and feel. A multi-material cavity badge enhances feel.
Who It's For: Mid- to high-handicaps.
Wow Factor: They perform exactly as described. Awesome.
Specs: Available (4-GW) with True Temper Dynalite Gold XP steel or Fujikura Orochi graphite shafts.
mizunogolf.com | $699/$899
JPX-825 Pro Irons
Key Feature: Billed as the ultimate game-improvement irons for players, these boast a cavity that yields forgiveness where needed and a more workable ballflight in scoring irons for accuracy. They aim to produce solid feel with consistent distance across more of the clubface.
Who It's For: 6-18 handicappers with a nod to the lower ones.
Wow Factor: Tons of forgiveness. Hmm, they feel forged, look forged, but are they forged? Of course they are.
Specs: Available (4-GW) with True Temper Dynalite Gold XP steel or Fujikura Orochi graphite shafts.
mizunogolf.com | $899/$1,099
Key Feature: Patented Grain Flow Forging provides a soft, solid, consistent feel throughout the set. Three-head construction is used in each set: The 2- through 4-irons have a deep CG for long, consistent distance with an easy, high launch; the hollow 5- through 7-irons boast a large sweet spot for controlled distance and forgiveness; 8-PW sport a compact half cavity for accuracy and trajectory control.
Who It's For: 2 to 14 handicaps.
Wow Factor: Sorry, we're too busy cleaning up our drool.
Specs: Available (2-PW) with TT Dynamic Gold steel shafts.
mizunogolf.com | $1,099
VR_S Covert
Key Feature: Cavity-back irons with weight at the corners enhance mis-hit forgiveness and distance. A thin, dual-bevel sole combines with a fast face for distance. The proprietary NexCOR variable-thickness clubface aims to deliver fast ball speed and long shots.
Who It's For: Distance and forgiveness seekers.
Wow Factor: They're easily the best irons from Nike, who, um, just picked up the next greatest player ever.
Specs: Available (4-AW) with True Temper Dynalite 90 steel or Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black 70 graphite shafts.
nikegolf.com | $699/$799
Key Feature: Geared more for the better player, the forged Anser irons blend Tour-like playability with the type of forgiveness we've all come to expect from a PING iron. The hollow sole and tungsten sole component lower the CG for higher shots, and the perimeter weighting enhances the sweet spot. Wait, these are forged? Wow! 
Who It's For: Golfers who love the feel of a forged iron and want "long-iron forgiveness with short-iron control."
Wow Factor: PING's most well-constructed iron. Ever.
Specs: Comes in 3-PW with Project X steel shafts. (Avail LH)
ping.com | $1,349
Key Feature: The super game-improvement G20 irons employ extreme perimeter weighting and a multimaterial bridge behind the face for the best in forgiveness and distance without having to sacrifice a great feel. The wide sole and thin face make it a cinch to hit solid, high-flying iron shots.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a custom-fit set of über-forgiving irons from the company who started it all.
Wow Factor: So good we had to include them again this year!
Specs: Available in 3-LW with PING CFS steel or TFC 169i graphite shafts. (LH available)
ping.com | $699


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